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100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 2 hours 21 min with Lascaux Sketch
EverDream (Oct 19, 2003)'s only obviouse what one of my favorite shows are. *giggles*
was trying to capture the begining sequence feel though I know I messed up a bit on
Spike's face. Oh well, that's the price for art I suppose. ^^
Any way's enjoy!
EverDream (Oct 19, 2003)
drawn in 2 hours 21 min
marcello (Oct 19, 2003)
the only thing that bugs me is the very top right, is that supposed to be a shine on his hair?
looks good though. first time on lascaux, too?
netmonkey (Oct 19, 2003)
The real folk blues.... looks pretty cool :)
EverDream (Oct 19, 2003)
Is that a lighter part of his hair yes, a highlight, no. If it was a highlight I would've done a better job with it. His hair is really dark and that's only a part where it's lightest. Don't ask me why that is, it's just how it's done in the cartoons as well. *shrugs*
~Wink~ (Oct 19, 2003)
this is awsome...did you actually write in all those cowboy bebops in the back round ? cause wow that must of taken awhile great job though
Doodlibop (Oct 20, 2003)
oh my....

if you were a guy ED, I would ask you to marry me. Then we may spawn many many more talented artists!!

seriously, cowboy bepop has got to be one of the better animes out there. You've done a superb job.
concannon (Oct 20, 2003)
Holy shit.

Unbelievable. But we really should expect that from you by now. I like his eyes, and oddly enough, his chin.
method3 (Oct 20, 2003)
Awesome job with the piece, looks like it's straight out of the official Cowboy Bebop art with the whole tv static feel and all. You nailed the whole feel from that anime.

One thing i might change, and it's not too noticable, but it seems like Spike has a puffy fro just cause of the left side where the black just curves up. Isn't it rougher or something, like hanging down more than perfectly round?

Also Doodlibop, it is one of the better anime's out there. I think I heard somewhere that it's the best selling anime in both Japan and the US, or at least it was when the series had just come out.
Doodlibop (Oct 20, 2003)
I wouldn't doubt that bit of info Method! It's such a nice and complex series without the annoying frill and fluff of other typical animes (or shows for that matter)
Wolfheart (Oct 20, 2003)
w00t, cowboy bebop kicks major ass. love the face, and i think you captured the beginning sequence feeling perfectly.
joe_shmo (Oct 20, 2003)
oooooooo my god i love this picture its amasing and cowboy bebop is in fact the best anime other than flcl(furikuri)*fooly kooly*{fooley cooley}whatever ahha
Jiah (Oct 28, 2003)
Spike! I must say, the background looks spiffy, hell, the whole thing looks spiffy. Great job!
nyao (Nov 6, 2003)
PMG! It's SPIKIE!! *huggles* u've captured him perfectly! ^^ the colourz and style is totally awesome!
tappie_chan (Nov 7, 2003)
can i ask how you did the wonderful staticy effect?
EverDream (Nov 20, 2003)
haven't visited in a longest while....
Lotsa things going on. tappie chan...
The static effect was made by having two sepparate layers
one black..the other blue
and then just erasing bits of the blue till I got the look I wanted
Basically a lot of horizontal and zig zaggedy eraser strokes. ^^
Ari (Nov 26, 2003)
Love the song, love the anime, LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic! ^_^ Spike r0xx0rz j00r s0xx0rz!!!
Neko (Dec 23, 2003)
W00t! Another reason to finally watch this show!
Peipera (Jan 19, 2004)
Whoa this is amazing work.
davincipoppalag (May 29, 2004)
I was just looking at the bg again..and your description of how you did it.. neat effect
mangaflip (Jun 6, 2004)
good good good i love cowboy beebop very good style with text and colours
Ty854 (Jun 12, 2004)
How the hell is this not a showcase entry? awesome...... thats all i can say. The manga is also grood.
101_Torchic_101 (edited Jun 28, 2004)
mukumuku (Dec 23, 2004)! *rapes* omg this is fantastic, so perfect!
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