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Miss_DJ (Mar 12, 2009)
Thanks, God...for making it possible, one day at a time. (my sobriety)
Miss_DJ (Mar 12, 2009)
drawn in 30 min
SaiWataki (Mar 12, 2009)
Happy Birthday! :3
firecracker (Mar 12, 2009)
"Happy Birthday" to you!!! :)
elly (Mar 12, 2009)
Oh Congratulations, Miss DJ!!!!! That's awesome!!! Way to go!!! Wow!!!
I'll have a piece of that to celebrate with you! (ya like I need it!!! ;@) It looks very tasty!
I'm so proud of you! =D
Miss_DJ (Mar 12, 2009)
I couldn't be happier to living free, and not be dying like too many do of this disease.
Thanks for sharing my special day!
Pantera (Mar 12, 2009)
Congrats miss DJ :)
firecracker (Mar 12, 2009)
Congratulations "MissDJ"!! :)
lori (edited Mar 12, 2009)
:) who cares if your glass is half full or half empty... it's when you don't have a glass that you begin to appreciate what you do have - keep it up
Suntan (Mar 12, 2009)
That's impressive. ^5, way to go. :)
Miss_DJ (Mar 12, 2009)
Thank you so much! I'm so happy to be really living today. I lived so much of my life in a fog before I got willing to live my life differently. The decision I made on March 12, 1989, and the one I make every day, continues to be the best thing I can do for myself. Thanks!
QTgillie (Mar 12, 2009)
wow Miss DJ....thanks for sharing and congratulations to you. That is such an accomplishment. My husband had a cousin, extremely close to our family, my children especially who did not beat the battle and passed two years ago. It was the closest I had ever been to that extent of the disease....we went through H*** and back with him and lost the battle. So glad you are here and well.
Miss_DJ (Mar 12, 2009)
drawn in 30 min
davincipoppalag (Mar 12, 2009)
Congrats Donna
Miss_DJ (Mar 13, 2009)
I'm thankful, family! But the glory goes to Him.
toonlink101 (Apr 14, 2010)
looks so good!!!rate:10 ^o^ lol!!!ya!!
Miss_DJ (Apr 15, 2010)
thanks, toon! I should change it to read 21 now! ♥
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