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drawn in 4 hours 47 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Mar 4, 2009)
Here's the low down.....this is my Grandson, although I'm not really old enough (ok, it's possible at 45 yrs old) to have grandkids yet and I don't really have access to him and here's why...
I had a daughter when I was 17 yrs old but being so young myself, my best choice was adoption...and so the right parents were found, the papers were signed, and life went on....
In the year 2000, I discovered that my then 18 yr old daughter was beginning the process contacting me thru the adoption agency we used and on her 19th birthday, we were on the way home from picking her up at the Atlanta bus station...
elly (Mar 4, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 8 min
elly (Mar 4, 2009)
drawn in 36 min
elly (Mar 4, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 21 min
elly (Mar 4, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 41 min
So...we spent 5 fun days together getting to know each other and forming a friendship. But as life went on, she went on her own way, finding and committing herself to a 'life partner' and they used a donor to conceive this little cutie =) He just turned 1 in Dec and they are in the process of trying to conceive again 0_O....
I know I made the only right choice for her....and she loves me for it.
Miss_DJ (Mar 4, 2009)
I'm so proud of you Elly. You are a strong, loving woman and a hell of an artist.
elly (Mar 4, 2009)
Aw, thank you, Miss DJ =) It's not that I was strong to begin with, it's the choice I made that strengthened me....
QTgillie (Mar 4, 2009)
I Love this photo and I love even more your story. It is so nice to get to know the people we spend time on line wit a little more intimately....thanks for sharing elly. Beautiful child and draw.
firecracker (Mar 4, 2009)
"Wow" Elly.....that is a beautiful child....and also a beautiful story. Your story sorta "rings a bell" with me, because I too was a teenage mother, and I had a daughter. Then my daughter also became a mother when she was just a teenager, and she had a son. He was eventually adopted. My daughter didn't want to have him adopted...she wanted to keep him. Now she's 48 yrs old, and she has been trying to find him thruout the years....but no luck. This is a very long story.....and I don't feel like talking about it.....but seeing your story just brought back all these memories. Thank you for sharing your story "Elly"'s very beautiful. That picture is just awesome....I love it. :)
davincipoppalag (Mar 5, 2009)
This is beautiful..both the picture and the story elly..
catfish (Mar 5, 2009)
This is a very touching picture and story nice work on the drawing, Your stories come close to touching base with me as when I was a soldier in the U.S. Army in 1968. the girl I dated got pregnant and when I asked if it was mine I was told No. thirty five years later, I come to find out that I was lied to because I was on my way to Vietnam. In fact I did have a son that through his research found me. we met and visited a couple times but didn't keep in touch, I don't know where he is today but I would like to see him again someday.
elly (Mar 5, 2009)
Thank's y'all for your comments and your stories! I wondered when I posted this if it would bring out similar just shows me again how God works with our wrong choices for the good of others and for us.
I forgot to mention that my daughter took this photo and I think she did some editing with lighting and color...she's quite artistic herself! Thanks again y'all =)
Pantera (edited Mar 5, 2009)
Until the day she died and even today, I hate the woman that had me and gave me away, I found out about her when I was 14, I will not tell you my story, to lond and sad, I just wanted to let people know that not all kids that were givin (sp?) away care to know their real mother, I for one would have been better off never knowing the truth.

Lovely drawing :)
elly (Mar 5, 2009)
Pantera, you are right, not all people who were adopted want to know their birth parents and it is that person's right to chose not to meet/know them. I'm so sorry for your hurt =( I hope your life is a good one in the present. Thanks for your comments too =) hug.
gel_o (Mar 5, 2009)
Amazing picture elly and an amazing story. Thanks for sharing this with everyone and acknowledging God in the midst of all that has happened. Only He can provide such strength along with the artistic talent that He has so fully blessed you with. Keep them coming, please!
firecracker (Mar 5, 2009)
I'm glad to see other people sharing their stories here. I still have hopes that someday my daughter might be able to locate her son. He's probably married by now, and has kids of his own. Who daughter might be a "grandmother".......which would make me a "great grandmother".
Mocha_Bean (Mar 5, 2009)
That's amazing, elly. I like the high contrast!
I was adopted when I was six years old. The adoption agency spent two years trying to find my parents while I was in foster care but had no luck. When I was younger, not knowing who my real mom was constantly bothered me. Nowadays, it's not something I think about but I still want to know. I'd like to find her and ask her all these questions that need answers. I'd hope she could answer them for me. On the other hand, I might be better off not digging around for her. I guess I won't know until I cross that bridge.
shell (Apr 4, 2010)
wow very impressive stories, it's nice to know more about everyone
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