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drawn in 3 hours 41 min with Chibipaint
Miss_DJ (Feb 24, 2009)
...who knows if it's finished, but I'm goin to bed. Tomorrow, it could become a bird or any other flight of fancy I suppose.
Miss_DJ (Feb 24, 2009)
drawn in 34 min
firecracker (Feb 25, 2009)
Very interesting so keeps you "guessing".....what will it turn out to be!!! :LOL:!! Nice draw "MissDJ"! :)
davincipoppalag (Feb 25, 2009)
Its an empty sleeveless cocktail \'s a very tall pinheaded clown seen from his hips up ...its a very large fuzzy rabbit facing to the right seen from the rear
lori (Feb 25, 2009)
great texture
Miss_DJ (Feb 25, 2009)
drawn in 2 hours 39 min
I knew it would
Aakyra (Feb 26, 2009)
The water in the foreground is excellent... the reflections are perfect! This is gorgeous!
davincipoppalag (Feb 26, 2009)
Boy it sure did! Very pretty!
Miss_DJ (Feb 26, 2009)
drawn in 27 min
firecracker (Feb 26, 2009)
"Wow".....this draw really "morphed" into something very beautiful!! Great draw "MissDJ"!! :)
Miss_DJ (Feb 26, 2009)
thanks very much! I'm glad it
QTgillie (Feb 26, 2009)
These are getting better and better. You are really getting into that scatter tool.
Miss_DJ (Feb 26, 2009)
thanks QT! It's a great tool that's for sure! Saves me from doing a lot of 'dotting..'
gel_o (Feb 27, 2009)
These are so cool Miss DJ!
Miss_DJ (Feb 28, 2009)
Thank you gel o!
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