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marcello (Sep 5, 2002) — edit
Really bad sketch..maybe he's younger or something.
marcello (Sep 5, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
rosalyn (edited Sep 5, 2002)
CoOlIeS!!!! I lOvE ThIs ShOw! BD
kowst (edited Sep 5, 2002)
Jackie Chan adventures is sooo funny... I love it
IMO-TAROU (edited Sep 6, 2002)
Jackie Chan's movie is interesting
A hot thing is felt for his action?I
Kyomi (edited Sep 6, 2002)
Cool pic! Jackie Chan is better than Jet Li... Jet Li smiles once a blue moon...
marcello (edited Sep 6, 2002)
bad day bad day bad day! ;-)
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