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drawn in 2 hours 47 min with Chibipaint
gel_o (Jan 31, 2009)
gel_o (Jan 31, 2009)
drawn in 45 min
gel_o (Jan 31, 2009)
drawn in 48 min
gel_o (Jan 31, 2009)
drawn in 37 min
gel_o (Feb 1, 2009)
drawn in 25 min
gel_o (Feb 1, 2009)
drawn in 9 min
Alter.Native (edited Feb 17, 2009)
Neat. Good choice of bg color.
jpjp1052 (Feb 1, 2009)
This is very different for you. Great job.
Babsblueeyes (Feb 1, 2009)
I went right to this first on the opening page. Didn't know it was you gel. Lol Great Job!
davincipoppalag (Feb 1, 2009)
It kind of looks like a scene from deep space. The Egg Nebula lol
QTgillie (Feb 1, 2009)
I agree with Dave, I thought it was a space pic at first glance also, I like the dual possibilities here. Fel, your rendering here is so skilled. Love it.
elly (Feb 1, 2009)
I love the "dual possibilities" this has too! The painterly style is great as well! Very Unique =)
montezmaria (Feb 1, 2009)
It almost looks as though the egg and it's shell is floating in the sky on clouds. I didn't expect this one to be yours, but had to smile when I seen it was. Very nicely done and I love the yoke on the egg.
firecracker (Feb 1, 2009)
This is a great draw "Gel-o" really does look like the egg is floating in the sky. You did a great job on this one. :)
bette_davis_eyes (Feb 3, 2009)
whoaaa this is awesome! a space egg :D
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