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spyra (Jan 7, 2009)
As some of you may have noticed, I have been working on the blog for the past two weeks.

The blog is called Inspirimint - kinda like minty inspiration. :D For now, I have been posting things that I think are inspirational and conducive to creating art (of all types). I'd like to think I have a pretty eclectic taste, so hopefully it'll be diverse and interesting enough for everyone. I plan to post in the realm of drawing, crafts, science & technology, culinary arts, street art, interesting projects, tutorials.... and anything else I can think of. I am also thinking of somehow using and incorporating the existing 2draw contest system - like a "how does this post inspire you?" type of deal - since the blog is there to to inspire you. =)

Anyhow, I would love to hear from you guys what kind of things you would like to see on Inspirimint, and any comments/suggestions you might have. (If you are commenting on a post, please leave it in the comments section of that entry!) It's still a system in the works, so please have patience while we work things out! Thanks for your support!

If you haven't already, hop & skip over to Inspirimint!

Happy drawings!
<3, s.
davincipoppalag (Jan 9, 2009)
Nice spyra, those paper things are cool!
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