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drawn in 1 hour 19 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
MelissaMissy (Jan 6, 2009)
I usually draw females so I thought I'd draw a man this time. Constructive criticism accepted, compliments appreciated :).
MelissaMissy (Jan 6, 2009)
drawn in 13 min
MelissaMissy (Jan 6, 2009)
drawn in 10 sec
MelissaMissy (Jan 6, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 5 min
davincipoppalag (Jan 6, 2009)
The hair looks flat. Take a look at this..maybe it will help and those black lines around the eyes don't work too well.. play with it some more the rest looks pretty good
Axil62 (Jan 6, 2009)
Yep, Dave's the man when it comes to drawing faces. You should listen to him, he really knows what he's doing. Matter of fact, you should check out the fantasic faces he's done on his user board. I can't say you'll ever be as good as Dave, but when he gives out little gold nuggets of drawing advice.... boy I tell ya, you better listen up and listen up good! He should be teaching art classes if you ask me.
MelissaMissy (Jan 6, 2009)
Thanks. Someone has shown me that tutorial before but I found out I drew the face too high up and so the hair was hard to do. Even though the hair tutorial is good, it's still doesn't make hair an easy thing to draw. Is Dave davincipoppalag? I'll look at his faces.
Axil62 (Jan 7, 2009)
Yes, Dave is davincipoppalag. Did you go check out his awsome faces yet? Mind blowing aren't they? Like I said, if anyone around here should be giving advice on how to draw's this dude!
MelissaMissy (Jan 7, 2009)
Are you being sarcastic? (Not because dave's drawings are bad, because of a memo he sent.)
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