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drawn in 5 hours 38 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Jan 3, 2009)
1st draw here this year!
elly (Jan 3, 2009)
drawn in 8 min
elly (Jan 4, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 23 min
elly (Jan 4, 2009)
drawn in 31 min
elly (Jan 5, 2009)
drawn in 1 hour 16 min
elly (Jan 5, 2009)
drawn in 53 min
elly (Jan 6, 2009)
drawn in 41 min
elly (Jan 7, 2009)
drawn in 44 min
I have to say that the smoke was quite challenging! Fun tho....Happy New Year everyone! =)
enjoydotcom (Jan 7, 2009)
I was looking at the fav button, it is not in 2draw. Love it! Good to see you again!
davincipoppalag (Jan 7, 2009)
This is beautifully done elly! Happy New year..nice to see you again
elly (Jan 7, 2009)
Hey there, y'all! Good to see you again too, enjoy & dave!!! Now that my VERY busy holiday season is over, I can find a little more time to get drawing!! =)
ChalkDust (Jan 7, 2009)
Absolutely wonderful. Creative too! : )
gel_o (Jan 7, 2009)
Excellent work elly! You've done a wonderful job on this one!
QTgillie (edited Jan 7, 2009)
wow elly. I love this guys face....amazing work. his skin looks so real! The facial hair and smoke also very well done indeed. Nice, nice, nice. I did not know you frequented here also.
elly (Jan 7, 2009)
Thank you kindly, chalk, gel_o, and QT =) Yes, gillie, I started here before going to FG. It's pretty quiet over there so I thought I'd play here a while =) Nice to see you here!
Miss_DJ (Jan 7, 2009)
ah elly...superb!
Kloxboy (Jan 7, 2009)
That's awesome, great idea. You'd have to be burning something pretty special to be seeing faces like that in the smoke. :P
vlad.the.hamster (Jan 7, 2009)
Awesome stuff! :) Very cool concept, and masterfully done. I like it a lot. :)
elly (Jan 7, 2009)
thank you kindly as well, Ms DJ, Klox, & vlad...nice to see y'all again =)
jpjp1052 (Jan 7, 2009)
Now I see why they say that second-hand smoke is bad for you. Great draw.
cyclops (Jan 7, 2009)
very nice.
elly (Jan 7, 2009)
Tanks guys =)
Aakyra (Jan 7, 2009)
You are just amazing Elly!
bette_davis_eyes (Jan 7, 2009)
I love this so much! it's simply excellent :)
elly (Jan 8, 2009)
Thanks Aakkyra & both have impressive gallery works yourselves! Happy creating! =)
KuteDymples (Jan 12, 2009)
I need to look at this before I light up.....awesome work elly. Really makes ya think!
Alter.Native (Jan 27, 2009)
Very creative. Excellent details!
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