watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 1 hour 18 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Einz (Oct 9, 2003)
6 years is what you get if you get caught creating graffiti.
grafitti artist belong to organized crime groups who intentionally damage goverment property
according too the new law they are trying too pass

so organized art = crime

Einz (Oct 9, 2003)
drawn in 1 hour 18 min
strangeoid (Oct 9, 2003)
government= crap. I say we should all become daoists and try to be one with nature *oohhhhhmmmmmmmm* Then graffitti can be done without getting arrested.
Einz (Oct 10, 2003)
if you get caught an setenced
you have plenty of time to become a real artist

drawing is the only thing that you can do that is usefull when in jail
just isolate yourself for 6 years and draw ,when you get out
you wil be on the level of a true artist

a sex offender gets a lesser sentence only 1 to 2 years in jail
artist get 2 to 6years
shame on the rightwinged politicains
they are playing america's little slaves and follow their every command
bush must go!

misho1337 (Oct 11, 2003)
doaists? man then we can all hold hands and sing "hello world" in a circle prancing around, then we can drink coca-cola!
hehe im just messin' wiff jah strangeoid!

yeah the government does punish hard of graffiti... graffiti has been around forever, romans carved in the names of their favorite gladiators at the collosium, russian and american soldiers carved in their names on nearby building in WW2, hell even the cavemen drawings... isnt that considered graffiti? hmm... (8-\
Wolfheart (Oct 11, 2003)
Well, i don't have anything against graffiti, but... you are vandalizing other people's property. That'd be like me hacking into a website and erasing everything on it. (I can't hack.)
jord (edited Dec 25, 2003)
6 years??
my god...they always told me that you have to pay for the repainting of the bridge (or otehr place) when you get caught (that would be a huge sum, but 6 years...shait)
i guess you 'd have to cover one or another whitehouse with a couple of layers before they actually sentence you that

cool drawing btw..very graffiti
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