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drawn in 4 hours 40 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Showcase entry!
Kloxboy (Aug 18, 2008) — edit
Kloxboy (Aug 18, 2008)
drawn in 4 hours 40 min
Flubbles (Aug 18, 2008)
I dont know why but this reminds me of a stained glass window, its probobly just the size of it.
Punky (Aug 18, 2008)
Man, I would (almost) kill to have a window like this.
Really liking these colours, especially the little greyishbluebrown bits.
bette_davis_eyes (Aug 18, 2008)
it does look like stained glass and I think this is one of my favs of yours klox.. it's beautiful!
Roytje (Aug 18, 2008)
Wonderful done, Klox. Really nice shapes..
davincipoppalag (Aug 18, 2008)
I'm not sure what this one reminds me of, but it's cool as hell
Deino (Aug 20, 2008)
Goodneess gracious Klox, this is bloody marvelous. At first glance I thougt of Siqueiros and Orosco, but it is certainly Klox in its pure state :D Glad to see you make new things everytime.
Aakyra (Aug 20, 2008)
the depth in this is fantastic!!
Axil62 (Aug 20, 2008)
I'm not worthy... I'm not worthy... I'm not worthy...
GoldDragonfly (Aug 21, 2008)
awesome job! congratz ;)
Pakka (Aug 21, 2008)
This is amazing! It looks like a dragon's face to me, I might be weird though lol.
DorsY69 (Aug 21, 2008)
Congratz on the showcase! This picture is so extraordinary and beautiful! And i agree with Pakka, i can see a part of the dragon's face.
davincipoppalag (Aug 21, 2008)
Hey.. showcase.. congrats Klox
TaCO (Oct 5, 2009)
O.O Cool stain glass dragon!!!!!!
Draw more dragONs please!!!!!!
Jessor (Dec 26, 2010)
dorothyblueeyes (Dec 28, 2010)
I'm not worthy, either, it's BEAUTIFUL, WOW .You are sure paint. sigh. That should be hung in a brick and mortar gallery, sigh.
davincipoppalag (Jan 28, 2019)
wish klox would come back
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