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Kloxboy (Jul 16, 2022)
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davincipoppalag (Jul 17, 2022)
shell (Jul 19, 2022)
Kloxboy (Jul 19, 2022)
It was loosely based on Layne Staley. And yeah, a product of late night boredom.
yellow.nutella (Aug 4, 2022)
Jeje chad face
drawn in 58 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Beginner 
mochi_penguin (Aug 4, 2022)
this is kinda a battle scene from wings of fire, and kind of from an alternate universe, since this battle didnt necessarily actually happen
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mochi_penguin (Aug 4, 2022)
drawn in 21 min
if i don't have anything else to edit, i think ill just do the background
mochi_penguin (edited Aug 4, 2022)
drawn in 8 min
dang, i think ill end it here! doesn't look too bad, but i could definitely improve the background! i think i should practice. otherwise, i think im good now!

anyways, critique is welcomed, but please no hate, thanks! <3
davincipoppalag (Aug 6, 2022)
i like it
elly (Aug 6, 2022)
Sweet! I'd love to see some details in the wings and love the background. Welcome to 2D!
drawn in 1 hour 56 min with Kleki
madscientist111 (Aug 3, 2022)
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madscientist111 (Aug 4, 2022)
Thank you!
yellow.nutella (Aug 4, 2022)
I love the clouds.
davincipoppalag (Aug 6, 2022)
beajutikgful work
elly (Aug 6, 2022)
Sweet and lovely
drawn in 12 min with Chicken Paint
yellow.nutella (May 1, 2022)
Webtoon: Da Coop made by Gooey from here on 2draw! A Fanart, hope I did them justice bc I love them so much (*^▽^*)
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elly (May 7, 2022)
great job on their features!
Gooey (May 8, 2022)
Awwh, Faura and Eric look so adorbs!! Thanks again for drawing them 😌🙏💖
madscientist111 (Aug 3, 2022)
Your art is really amazing!! How long have you been drawing? I have trouble drawing hands. Mine look like hooves.
yellow.nutella (Aug 4, 2022)
Aaaaah~ thank you so much!! Ever since I could pick a pencil I have been doodling, but I think I really took it a bit more seriously in the past three years jeje. Looking at your work, I think you're pretty good at drawing hands, and you got silhouettes down pretty nicely. I can't give any personal advice bc, frankly, I still suck at hands. Though, yeah, learning to draw them more often can absolutely help. Here is a link to an artist on tumbler who is real good at explaining in her anatomy studies. Link And you on the other hand should totally teach me some tips and tricks for landscapes.
drawn in 4 hours 23 min with Kleki
yellow.nutella (Jul 8, 2022)
Heavenly referenced on Sad-ist's animation "Dream vs Technoblade"
Not on purpose the idea was in my head and that video had the right pose I wanted.
4 comments – latest 4:
davincipoppalag (Jul 11, 2022)
looks good to me
enjoydotcom (Aug 2, 2022)
Beautiful tribute.
yellow.nutella (Aug 2, 2022)
Thank you, it means a lot.
madscientist111 (Aug 3, 2022)
Off the hook!
drawn in 4 hours 40 min with Kleki
madscientist111 (Aug 2, 2022)
3 comments – latest 3:
yellow.nutella (edited Aug 2, 2022)
My man, how do you make so many pieces with such consistently? I must know your secretes.
madscientist111 (Aug 3, 2022)
No secret really. I just have colors in mind and I start to doodle something.
davincipoppalag (Aug 6, 2022)
noice work
drawn in 14 min with Chicken Paint
yellow.nutella (Jul 27, 2022)
I like BTS. Who's your bias? You'll never guess mine.
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enjoydotcom (Aug 2, 2022)
So cute, especially the one on the bottom.
yellow.nutella (Aug 2, 2022)
Thank youuu ((:
davincipoppalag (Aug 6, 2022)
very cute
drawn in 2 hours 36 min with Kleki
madscientist111 (Jul 26, 2022)
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yellow.nutella (Jul 26, 2022)
The colors are quite confusing to me. Why have the black on the top of the background and white at the bottom. For the shadow to stand out? I guess it could be just me but whenever I see like an object on a plain background, I think of those art studies, I think it's called still life? (Correct me if I'm wrong) Maybe you can define the surface it's on to give more depth. Other than that, it's a nice looking aguacate you got there.
madscientist111 (Jul 27, 2022)
Thank you. I was just doodling.
davincipoppalag (Jul 28, 2022)
tollstrup1693 (Jul 29, 2022)
Nice, I Like this Art, Avocado
drawn in 8 min with Chicken Paint
Public Boards/Advanced 
Roytje and bitbof (May 22, 2022)
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Kloxboy (Jul 26, 2022)
Kind of looks like the surface of a brain. Awesome color palette.
davincipoppalag (Jul 26, 2022)
yellow.nutella (Jul 26, 2022)
I love y'alls ability to improvise. I could never And the colors are so calming. I really like this piece. All the little details come together Idk how you guys do it. Chef's Kiss
dingaling (Jul 27, 2022)
I like the light...that means healing to me.
drawn in 2 hours 2 min with Kleki
Roytje (Jul 26, 2022)
7 comments – latest 4:
buffaww (Aug 1, 2022)
--I wish i could have had you do me my portrait, sigh, ":)
WelcomeStranger (Aug 2, 2022)
Nobody else does you. And that's what is so unique.
madscientist111 (Aug 7, 2022)
luv2 (Oct 8, 2022)
very nice
drawn in 7 hours 6 min with Kleki
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