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squee (Sep 19, 2007)
Thought I'd pay you guys a visit.

See what's up.
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Noremac (Sep 19, 2007)
nothing much, never on
drawn in 26 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee (Jul 16, 2007)
Everyone loves a sock puppet.

Spam to let you guys know I haven't been killed or something..yet! BUAHAHAH! :|

Still no tablet, but I can quarantee you guys my art got better! Anyone wish to steal a tablet for me?
drawn in 4 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee (Nov 7, 2006)
Maiko! :3 It's your boy!

I'll finish it. gimme time
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squee (Nov 7, 2006)
Midorikawa's always in a cheerful mood. <:3

D: Don't be so sad Lore! *huggles!* Everything's going to be Hokie Dokie!
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Nov 7, 2006)
Thanks friend this does made my day alot better......^u^
............Logging of Lore.V...........
squee (Nov 7, 2006)
drawn in 9 min
The Eyes bug me Dx
Maiko (Feb 21, 2007)
He is SUCH a cutie D:
I gotta draw you Kiwi sometime <3
drawn in 20 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee (Nov 6, 2006)
*POOF* I'm Emo! *POOF* I'm Scene-Emo! *POOF* I'm Emo again!

My friend called me Scene-Emo, then corrected herself and flat out called me Emo. Lmao.
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squee (Nov 7, 2006)
lol. I tell my friends "Cheer Up Emo Kid" When they're depressed. No one tells me that cuz I'm cheery. I'm a pretty cheery Emo. Woot!
senshi (Nov 7, 2006)
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Nov 7, 2006)
Thats really cute Squee.........:D
My little sis. tells me that I'm a GAY EMO.......
Because I'm really Cheerfull all the times, and I don't always wear black and white every day......:]
No I'm not gay of sexual preference, but I'm gay on cheerfulnest thats for sure.......XD
................Logging of Lore.V...........
damagedroses (Nov 9, 2006)
I've been called almost every name in the book. Even been told to go home, slit my wrists and die. I take out my anger on drawing and writing poems. Soon i'll have some art on here, as soon as my friend comes over this weekend and shows me some tricks ^_^
drawn in 6 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee (Nov 2, 2006)
Saw this before and had to duplicate. Though the donkey looks retarded.
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Spongy (Nov 2, 2006)
It looks cool
senshi (Nov 2, 2006)
a_blue_orange (Nov 2, 2006)
haha how punny!!
drawn in 7 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee (Nov 1, 2006)
I was a Zombie yesterday. I felt so sexy.
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xiau (Nov 1, 2006)
You're already sexy. The zombie thing just added on to it.
MY BRAINS >:C (covers head protectively)
Noremac (Nov 1, 2006)
lucky i wasnt there, I've killed you, then ripped your arms off and had sex with them -beats manchest- HO HO!
squee (Nov 2, 2006)
No sex for you
senshi (Nov 2, 2006)
eww. no. Zombie evil. Evil kill Zombeh!! undead evil!
..sorry squee..
teh evil
drawn in 9 min with PaintBBS
squee (Oct 30, 2006)
I hate streaks of bad luck. And I wish the guy I want to be with would break up with his girlfriend already. ):

Yeah that's right. For those who know that I was giong out with that dude.. Jeff. Yeah Him. ((mandeh and some others should know)) I dumped his ass like a rock in the river. He suddenly became an ass. And I'm single.. again. and I'm feeling the rejection more that I used to.
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Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Oct 30, 2006)
Noooooooo Squeeeeee............Xo
We love you my friend.....You will never have any rejections from me my friend.....D:>
I will always be there no matter what, I will be there as well I will never go away, no matter what you have me there....:D
Hugs from your buddy Lore.V.......XD
............Logging of Lore.V..............
senshi (Oct 30, 2006)
yeah. no rejection from yo 2draw buddies. we will not turn on you
or become donkeys.
squee (Oct 30, 2006)
TwT Awwz you guys!! *HUGGLES BOTH OF YOU* Thanks Lore and Hiro-chan! You guys know how to cheer a girl up.
Noremac (Oct 31, 2006)
i know how to cheer a girl up too, if you know what i mean
drawn in 15 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee (Oct 13, 2006)
For the sake of his penis.
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senshi (Oct 14, 2006)
*backing off, real slow-like*
Skai (Oct 14, 2006)
Bad! No contributing to the spam! D:
squee (Oct 14, 2006)
What you are my mother?
senshi (edited Oct 15, 2006)
..*moves to poke dude in pic*
..*get's finger bitten*
..*advances backwards..very quickly*
drawn in 3 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee (Oct 12, 2006)
For your right to Party.

My friend made me write a note that said "Oh La La! You're cute!" so I said I'd do it in French. Stupid me put "Oh La La! Tu est mignon!"

5 comments – latest 4:
KairiTetsuDoom (edited Oct 12, 2006)
Damn. I'm in 3rd year EDIT: FRENCH and I still have no idea what you mean. I suck at french. -_-;;.
Is it, I'M? I'm stupid when it comes to french.
squee (Oct 13, 2006)
xD oh sorry forgot the translation. I put "Oh La La! You is cute"
senshi (Oct 13, 2006)
So? I use 'is' all the time. You is overreacting, silly. ;P
Punky (Oct 20, 2006)
hey hey :O
its "Oh la la! Tu es mignon!"
sorry. P:

gotta love the beastie boys.
drawn in 4 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee (Oct 10, 2006)
Just for you Mai! :D
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beth92093 (Oct 10, 2006)
he is good lookin but not like my bf his eyes r kool tho
Maiko (Nov 2, 2006)
lovely lovely D8 <3 <3
drawn in 37 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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