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spyra (Feb 24, 2010)
long time no draw...
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spyra (Feb 26, 2010)
drawn in 40 min
drawing is hard D:
spyra (Feb 26, 2010)
drawn in 12 min
not really sure I like this pic, but I just don't want to work on it anymore :)
marcello (Feb 27, 2010)
version 3 looks like carved stone, version 4 like comic noir, and version 5 like carved comic noir stone
davincipoppalag (Feb 27, 2010)
I like v4 best.. (omg.. marcello spoke two days in a row!)
drawn in 6 hours 25 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
spyra (Aug 2, 2009)
she's so manly D:
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davincipoppalag (Aug 2, 2009)
She has nice pecs lol
Black_Bird (Aug 2, 2009)
The strong physique is nice.
OdaLiske (Aug 2, 2009)
I think she's lovely <3
firecracker (Aug 2, 2009)
Cool "pic".....she looks like a "bodybuilder"......:)
drawn in 1 hour 10 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
spyra (Apr 6, 2009)
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davincipoppalag (Apr 8, 2009)
lurvely lines
Bubblicious (Apr 9, 2009)
Very lovely lol :)
drawn in 1 hour 31 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
spyra (Jan 16, 2009)
saving just in case b/c my computer ate my last drawing :(
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spyra (Jan 17, 2009)
But I just ate my last apple for lunch this afternoon. ;_; I'll have to buy more this weekend. Unless you're suggesting mac. In which case, I do have some extra eye-shadow and lipstick somewhere...
Kaara (Jan 17, 2009)
SEXY. i really like the curls in her hair. and the expression on her face. (or rather. the lack thereof).
LaMeep (Jan 17, 2009)
Oh this is beautiful! Love the colors and the curls :)
Stronghold (Jan 17, 2009)
Love her face.

Nice style
drawn in 4 hours 2 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
spyra (Aug 7, 2008)
pose from memory, mirror used for neck area.

Haven't done much drawing lately. I felt like dancing today and wanted to capture my character Ginger in a fun movement pose. Think I captured it as best i could as a short 20 min drawing before bedtime. Marking it as unfinished because I think I should fix her hair a bit.. maybe later. :)

I think that one of the greatest challenges of figure drawing is be able to draw poses that are realistic enough and believable too. It's something I really admire about comic book artists, who can draw characters in different situations and have their poses look natural (well, most of the good ones; a few don't really do a good job...). Anyhow, I think its neat how in a rough-looking picture I can just add a few lines and make it look like she is wearing a shirt of sorts so I don't have to ponder how to do her nipples. XD

edit: ok, i hate how i wanted this to be a short sketch and ended up trying to refine things a bit too much. Ok it's finished!
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davincipoppalag (Aug 7, 2008)
You felt like talkin' too! Lookit that description hehe The pose looks good to me
spyra (Aug 8, 2008)
I was in a good mood... D:
Doesn't the description make the picture more interesting?
Juni_gatsu (Aug 8, 2008)
Gorgeous, love the lines and the blocky colour. I feel like this should part of a series, so much movement!
bette_davis_eyes (Aug 9, 2008)
great motion here.. love it :D
drawn in 37 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
spyra (Mar 24, 2008)
haven't drawn bodies in so long T_T
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spyra (Mar 24, 2008)
drawn in 12 min
Didn't come out exactly the way I first envisioned, but.. oh wells. :)
I know. the nipples kinda bother me too. Sorry. :( This is what happens when you look at fetish photography all morning;;;;;
Is there a better way out there to do polka-dotted backgrounds than eyeballing each individual dot......? T_T
mooki (Mar 24, 2008)
ooo i like this, its very pinup.
i like your style, its intresting, and i just love the lighter's glow
spyra (Mar 24, 2008)
Thank you for your comments, everyone. :)
STARZSHINE (Mar 25, 2008)
it's the itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dotted bikini! cute draw! even if she is a bad a**.
drawn in 1 hour 51 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Beginner 
spyra (Mar 5, 2008)
Since the days have been getting longer, and I've been driving home from work while there's still sunlight out, I've been inspired by a lot of the scenery I pass by. The sunsets along the countryside is so beautiful. On the days that my carpool drives, I always feel really lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty that life has to offer (and in some respects, I guess I'm glad the car ride is so long... I drive 40 miles to work every day). Although I've been in a drawing rut for the past few months, each time I experience a beautiful view, I'm inspired to draw it down, even though my skills are nowhere near good enough to capture these fleeting moments as they pass me by. One of these days I'll come back and attempt something more inspiring, and hopefully do it justice. :)

I think I was trying to go for "rolling hills" but I feel like they look more like green-shaded breasts in the foreground... -_-;;;
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davincipoppalag (Mar 5, 2008)
You say that like having green shaded breasts in the foreground would be a bad thing! Your sky is pretty
drawn in 29 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
spyra (Feb 22, 2008)
Thanks for putting up with my obnoxious test drawings while we troubleshoot. :D
1 comment – latest 1:
DorsY69 (Feb 23, 2008)
cute composition!
drawn in 6 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Intermediate 
spyra (Feb 22, 2008)
the sound of rain and how it feels to stand in it, to dance in it.
(but be careful and don't get sick like I did)

I've been wanting to draw this whole week, but I haven't had an inch of time on my hands. But! Come friday, lovely friday, you are a darling today. I hope everyone has had a lovely week. Don't stress, relax, and enjoy the rain. :)

(this picture took me way more than just 21 secs... it was MIA and had to be recovered ;___; )
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Miss_DJ (Feb 22, 2008)
I like the wetness. You conveyed that well, especially the hair and shoulder. nice.
davincipoppalag (Feb 23, 2008)
I like the depth and the wet look too ,, nice
drawn in 21 sec with Lascaux Sketch Classic
spyra (Oct 31, 2007)
erm, if there is a grammatical error in the title, please let me know, because french is not my first, second, or third language... XD

This is the "top half" of a project I've been working on. There is a second painting of a girl that can be placed below this picture (her hair connects with the "root"/trunk of the tree, which is why it looks like it's going off the page), and can also be placed to the left of this picture (the flowers in her hair morph into the petals, which connect to the tree from the left). This week, I've been working on color planning for this painting (series of paintings), and thought to myself: Planning out this step on Marcello's wonderful website will be a good way for me to organize my thoughts and work out the details. So here I am. The theme is supposed to be "Black and white, with red accents" but like everything else in my life, I've been putting too much focus on the reds.

I haven't really decided what to do with the background yet, other than it's going to be predominantly black and white, hopefully with high contrast. Plus, my hand is starting to hurt. So I figure I'll leave it as is for now. :)
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Kaze-chan (Nov 12, 2007)
wow, amazing! i love this. love the coloring. i also love how fluid this looks. = D great job.
Miss_DJ (Nov 13, 2007)
very sweet! more...more!
djramz99 (Nov 13, 2007)
That is totally great! I especially love the white top!
jclvr (Apr 3, 2008)
It's so cool!
drawn in 3 hours 53 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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