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GoldDragonfly (Jul 10, 2008)
This is the hardest drawing i have made ever >.<
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montezmaria (Jan 16, 2011)
First time seeing this and all I can say is OMG, the detail in This is really a outstanding, mouth drop'n drawing. Beautiful by the way.
cleverlight (Oct 21, 2014)
dorothyblueeyes (Nov 6, 2014)
Amazing, and great detail. (are your fingers or hands sore at all that's a ton of work!)
davincipoppalag (Dec 23, 2019)
still magnificent
drawn in 18 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
GoldDragonfly (Jun 18, 2008)
this drawing is for my friends b-day x) ( my second try :P ) i will work more on this soon! x) , i will try my best illu ^^
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Lucy90 (Jul 1, 2008)
fantastic!!!! and thank u goldie, i wouldn't have got to know about this site if it wasnt for u :) and by the way, UNLIMITED INK!!!!
mvp9202 (Jul 13, 2008)
wow!! this is amazing and its great to see how u brought everyone from RMD to this site
marcello (Jul 13, 2008)
I really like the hair, but her nose/upper face is a bit wonky. perhaps try overlaying a grid on your drawing and the source image, and using that for reference/comparison. keep at it!
GoldDragonfly (Jul 14, 2008)
Thx guys for your comments! ^^, hmm ok marcello i will try as you said, thank you! xP
drawn in 5 hours 54 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic