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Date of Birth: March 17th, 1998 (25)
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Suring you could be drawing a sorry rock star saying, "would you like fries with that?", right now?
Or some water saying, "to be or not to be", while drawing?
Or a plaid maniac hurling under an incredibly dead ninja for "Freedom"?
Or a drunken horse slapping a confident eagle?
Or a golf ball saying, "to be or to eat cheese", armed with a bowling ball?
Or a big green car ramming around the enormous devil solemnly?
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thumbnail thank you for the advice Dorothy(BTW I'm 14 and I hate heels)
Apr 20, 2012
thumbnail I don't know ..they seem very uncomfortable
Apr 18, 2012
thumbnail I tried to use niftyToo but it didn't work for me
Apr 17, 2012
thumbnail What's so freaky?
Apr 17, 2012
thumbnail check the description
Apr 17, 2012
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