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The truth of the matter
Axil62 (Aug 18, 2009)
The truth of the matter is that there are some people I know. There are some people I get to know, not in the sense of "getting to know you" but in the sense of I get to know them as in it's something I get to do.
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firecracker (Aug 16, 2009)
"LOL"! No apologies necessary axil......I enjoy your sarcastic sorta gives me a "rush"...haha!! I like controversy......"lol". I don't see any reason why I should "wake up".....if there was anything really serious enough going on in our country, that I should be worrying would be all over the news, and people everywhere would be talking about far......nothing on the news says anything about what you are talking about. Nobody that I know is worried about neighbors aren't running around looking like they're worried about sister thinks that Obama is the greatest president since "JFK". It's only here at this website that I'm hearing all this negative stuff about things going on in our government, and it's only said from a couple of people like you you're so worried.....why don't you write your feelings down on paper, and send it to the White House!! "ENUFF Said!! I didn't know that a metaphor is a cousin of sarcasm....."Wow"! ya learn somethin' new everyday!! "LOL"!!! :D
Flubbles (edited Aug 16, 2009)
Thats the thing with news you never hear about it until it's too late.Most news it about whats just happened, not about whats going to happen in the future.
firecracker (Aug 16, 2009) my age......I don't think much about what's gonna happen in the future......I live for today. There's no sense wasting your time and energy worrying about stuff that you have no control over. When I actually hear something over the world news, and I actually see people worrying.....then maybe I'll start to worry also.....but for now.....I feel that there's nothing going on that is worth worrying about. Too much worry causes "gray hairs"....I don't need that...."LOL"!!! :)
drawn in 14 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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dotdalidot (Aug 12, 2009)
Para-noia, para-normal.
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dotdalidot (Aug 13, 2009)
Yes, it is ref. to tool. :D This song was on repeat while I drew. xD
And whoa, thanks for the comparison. :)

K, I'll try one in BMW style...eventually. xD I can't guarantee that my feeble skills will do your awesome style justice though. >.<
backmagicwoman (Aug 13, 2009)
Are you kidding..your skills rock....I just dabble at what i have way more potential ...
dotdalidot (Aug 15, 2009)
Yeah you do! real-life style. :D

@BMW: thank you! although, for a dabbler, you have great skills
dotdalidot (Aug 15, 2009)
drawn in 25 min
drawn in 1 hour 42 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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patienceisoverrated (Aug 6, 2009)
yeah i know
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Teapot (Nov 30, 2011)
I still find showcase stuff I haven't seen before. This is wonderful! Such Van Gogh-ish stroke work.
lori (Jan 20, 2012)
I can't believe this was 3 years ago, it seems like just yesterday. Where is the time going?
dorothyblueeyes (Jan 25, 2012)
this is very impressive, and expressive, and i love the movement in the painting,
Roytje (Dec 9, 2017)
Still one of the best on this site.
drawn in 2 hours 56 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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solve (Jul 7, 2009)
Do ho ho ho
6 comments – latest 4:
kejoco (Jul 9, 2009)
Very, very nice solve
vlad.the.hamster (Jul 9, 2009)
Wow, it's awesome!
LisaAnne (Nov 15, 2011)
lori (Nov 16, 2011)
too cool.. where is solve anyway?
drawn in 2 hours 4 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Amriona (Jul 9, 2009)
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SaiWataki (Jul 9, 2009)
Haha, nice one
and its funny because it true! xD
enjoydotcom (Jul 9, 2009)
Very cute. Even though I wasn't a die hard fan, his death has really touched me.
kejoco (Jul 9, 2009)
Thats funny, cause in life he touched....oh wait....
drawn in 12 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Who am I?
Axil62 (Jun 26, 2009)
Who Am I? I was born in one country, raised in another. My father was born in another country. I was not his only child. He fathered several children with numerous women. I became very close to my mother, as my father showed no interest in me. My mother died at an early age from cancer. Later in life, questions arose over my real name. My birth records were sketchy and no one was able to produce a legitimate, reliable birth certificate. I grew up practicing one fait...
Faces to names people...
backmagicwoman (edited Jun 20, 2009)
Know it's been done before but not too recently and there are so many new show us your mug why don't cha...! so I'll go first...
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GoldDragonfly (Jul 1, 2008)
This is Nai... My little vampire x) i took this pic on the beach last summer.
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KGH (Jul 20, 2008)
This is so so wow!!
ily (Jul 23, 2008)
Goldie. you rockk so much it's just amazing. o-o Im glad I can still see your work even if it's not on rmd. ^^
teodorika (May 2, 2009)
oh goldie! you're amazing! :D
kejoco (May 2, 2009)
Holy shit, I never saw this one before...extremely well done
drawn in 8 hours 28 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Moosh (Jun 5, 2008)
didn't feel like finishing the other one. :D
15 comments – latest 4:
Alter.Native (May 2, 2009)
Good stuff! The last one on the right is my fav..
firecracker (edited May 2, 2009)
I like them all.....very cool draw!!! :D
Aubrey (Jun 13, 2009)
How neat is that? Purdy darn neat indeed it is!
eggyweggs (Jul 16, 2009)
I luuuuuuv this!!!! MOOOOSHYY!!
drawn in 7 hours 16 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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