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broken-lock14 (Oct 4, 2007)
if ur kool n gawff n nut a prep den plx commint on dis lol fangs!! (git it, cuz im gawff lol)

u c, im a vampire n i wuz feelign depressd so i drawed dis pikshur of me cuttign my rists bc im so gawff. MCR roxx!!!11212flkjdsllkfkawai

Why no, this is not spam.
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KyoxTohru95 (Oct 4, 2007)
(Its the only thing I can say to this)
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Oct 4, 2007)
Some view points I shall say.....>:D
One: it creep me out.....
Two: I like it......
Three: My head explodes as I try to figure out what my friends are sayind.....D:>
Four: Good to have a nice peacefull conbersation with you my friends.....:D
As for last really love the small little fella BL.......>:D
.............Logging of Lore.V..........
PKN (Oct 19, 2007)
Firstly it's spelled "Goth." Secondly, you can't be "Goth" and "emo" at the same time. And last, but not least, you're an idiot for putting yourself in lables. You should read this. Thank you and have a nice f***ing day. :D
broken-lock14 (Oct 19, 2007)

We were making fun of this atrocious fanfiction.

drawn in 16 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
broken-lock14 (Sep 28, 2007)
Can'ttttt sleep, nono.
I'm going through an even rougher time than usual, but I am a trouper and I will get through it.

I'll be doing some more to my hair soon, perhaps. :}D The blinding highlighter yellow has toned down and my roots are showing.
& nao, hardcore naptime.
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broken-lock14 (Sep 29, 2007)
Thank you~ <33333 (ahhahaha I phail at this style, omg.)

Things will get better! >:'T
Nocturnal_Romance (Sep 29, 2007)
Ahh i hope everything turns out okay TT__TT
you can do it 8DD
lovely picture :3
Punky (Sep 29, 2007)
This one time I stayed up for three days straight due to insomnia, it sucks and I hope you feel better soon.
I love the lips and eyes so much. :)
Rukia (edited Sep 29, 2007)
Don't eat sugar before bedtime, no no no. >n<
I'm gonna steal the colors in your bg and put them in my lollipop picture, nyah :D
drawn in 26 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
broken-lock14 (Aug 10, 2007)
Pedobear likes little Guupi honey coated. D8;;;

lolololol I woke up this morning with honey on my hands and arms. I really don't think I can do this for two weeks.
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Zeal (Aug 11, 2007)
Where'd the honey come from?


broken-lock14 (Aug 11, 2007)
You see uh, I'm trying to improve the condition of my skin so I have to put honey&cinnamon on my face each night. 8'D It's really inconvenient.

I hope this is the last time Pedobear ends up on 2draw. PEDOBEAR = SCARY AS CRAP.
Maiko (Aug 12, 2007)
Awww but I love Pedobear >_>

Zeal (edited Aug 16, 2007)
I lub Pedopedo too D8

Ew ew ew,Cinnamon :c I'm allergic D:::::::::::
drawn in 14 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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broken-lock14 (Jul 27, 2007)

My lolita character, Marmalade, and my gyaru-type character, Jackie. 8D Except I left out Jackie's wings for some reason because I'm retarded or something.

Marmalade kind of um, has a crush on Jackie, but Jackie is completely unaware because....she never really knows what's going on. Or something. She's insane.

They're a really odd pair, don't you think? :T;;
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Punky (Jul 28, 2007)
Ganguro scares me. Alot. D:
But this is awesome so that makes up for it.
shalalaheartattack (Jul 28, 2007)
I have to say, the picture is cute, but the title roped me in. I love that song. :D
broken-lock14 (Jul 28, 2007)
Ganguro has always scared me a lot too, but I've come across a lot of really rad gyaru girls and I'm starting to appreciate the style. c': I still find the really extreme mamba stuff rather....unattractive, though.

And hurrah for boobs! 8D

Thank you everyone~
whitebunny1063 (Feb 13, 2008)
Now this is my favorite.
drawn in 9 hours 24 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
broken-lock14 (Jul 13, 2007)

Mmm, popsicle.
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pancakes_rock (Jul 13, 2007)
Oh so pretty that Popsicle looks yummy <:)
NOVEMBER93 (Jul 13, 2007)
I love that outfit <3 And the eyes look crazy, haha. ILU <3
Zeal (Jul 14, 2007)
I love this D: D: D: D: :D
Nocturnal_Romance (Jul 22, 2007)
Really nice, i love the expression.
The red and white stripes actually made me focus more on the person :)
drawn in 1 hour 13 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
broken-lock14 (Jul 6, 2007)
She's uh, queen of the forest.
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Punky (Jul 7, 2007)
Don't lie silly, it's wonderful art. >:O
I like her crown and earring, this is so pretty. Except that I'm the queen of the forest, so it's not really an accurate portrait.
TammyF (Jul 7, 2007)
I like the textures and shades in this one very much!! Eye catching!!
broken-lock14 (Jul 7, 2007)
Then uhh, she's the queen of the evil forest. Except she's not that evil, she just tries to restore order or something. :'D

Thank youuu~ 8DDD
Akechi456 (Jul 9, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 11 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
broken-lock14 (Oct 29, 2006)
Kyo, from Dir en Grey. Before he got LAME. >:c
Hopefully I'll be seeing Diru in February. D8

I should draw Shinya next.
32 comments – latest 4:
George_Goat (Jul 1, 2007)

Looks just as wonderful as the original picture. Great job!

<333 He is so silly 8D
pancakes_rock (Jul 2, 2007)
OooOoo nice love da hair OuO
Rukia (Jul 6, 2007)
Made me laugh :3
squee (Jul 16, 2007)
fancy a spoon :]
drawn in 16 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
broken-lock14 (Jun 26, 2007)
I feel kind of happy with myself.

Hug me plx <3
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enjoydotcom (edited Jun 27, 2007)
This is a great drawing, I think it could do without the writing, but that's just me being silly. And of course you'll get a hug, but you don't know what you're talking about when saying everybody should be wearing a belly exposing shirt. You'd be shocked ! Hairy belly, blubbery bellies, belly-buttons with lint inside... yuck. :D
pancakes_rock (Jun 27, 2007)
Awww the bunnys sooo cute i love the hair and the hands >w<
Zeal (Jul 14, 2007)
*hug the guuuuupster* D: Is am I too late? :c
IKS (Jul 14, 2007)
I love your style of coloring! it's awesome ^^
drawn in 6 hours 1 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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broken-lock14 (Jun 17, 2007)
'Cos uh, Miku got a new puppy. And I can imagine Yuuki being all "OMG PAPICHAN *grabby hands* 8D" because Yuuki's hawt like that.

Also, I've made the observation that Takuya is now Miku and Teruki's lovechild.
6 comments – latest 4:
broken-lock14 (Jun 17, 2007)
8D haha, I'm a bit ramble-y.

Thank you :o
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Jun 17, 2007)
No body will share the pupp because its mine god damid.........>:D
But you can see it from far away I'll say....:D
But still love their expresion my friend....XD
..............Logging of Lore.V.............
SanzoGirl (Jun 19, 2007)
:0 That looks like my dog when he was little~

xD Yes, you can be the sixth member and play maracas :]
Akechi456 (Jul 1, 2007)
Ew. Yuuki looks creepy.D: His hair is all like "abcdefg Marilyn Monroe~ ;DD"

But I like this picture. Miku ooks supah cute. And you could so play those maracas. You'd be like shake-a shake-a. <3
drawn in 1 hour 56 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
broken-lock14 (Jun 15, 2007)

I don't know if this will look weird or not. D: The monitor I'm using is so much brighter, and all my artwork looks...strange. It bothers me.

7 comments – latest 4:
Hagaren (Jun 15, 2007)
HOLY CRAP OMFG D: ......*molests the Furita* HE'S FREAKING ASKING FOR IT, MAN.

Gah, this is so cute and colorful and perfect. ;A;
solve (Jun 15, 2007)
..its a boy? lol

This looks really good! I like the coloring style as always. (I think though that the nose offset his right eye, causing some off balance.)
broken-lock14 (Jun 15, 2007)
8D;; He's um, a very effeminate boy. (and yeah, I noticed the weirdness in the face a bit late, but I'm lazy. :'D )

FLITTER'S HIPS DON'T LIE, JEANTAN. >:}D Rencit wishes he was as uke as zee Furita.

...Thank you all 8DD
Lore_V_of_BlackHat (Jun 16, 2007)
Hehehe you always leave me so surprice with your work my friend as always.......>:D
Love your work and talent my friend....:D
..............Logging of Lore.V..............
drawn in 1 hour 4 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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