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Suring you could be drawing a mugger traveling through a psychopathic mugger at lightning speeds, right now?
Or some exciting marbles leaping with a freezing swing secretly?
Or an intense hamster?
Or an Italian pizza hurling with a ping-pong ball carefully?
Or a stinky pyromaniac saying, "would you like fries with that?"?
Or a president ramming over a stud?
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thumbnail mhm. ^^ nyx is the tough one. :3 thanks.
May 23, 2006
thumbnail whoa. -bows- O_O
May 23, 2006
thumbnail You've been added, frootcake. XD! I LOVE YOUR USERNAME. Okay, I'm done XD
May 22, 2006
thumbnail zomg, thankyou xiau, it's BEAUTIFUL -clingtofacehuggle- X3!!!! PERECT. FIVE BAZILLION STARS. !#!#$!@...
May 22, 2006
thumbnail The story behind this is very complex, yes I will draw more of them, yes it was rushed and I was laz...
Apr 19, 2006
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