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Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (Jun 1, 2006)
This is probaboly the best human drawing I have... it's quite weird, but, I would like some critique. I'm sorry if you don't like it.. I need to put some more fine details into it later. My hand started to hurt. Yes, I have a yellow ring around my eye. This is what I'm wearing right now...
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cybunnieswithbraces (Jun 2, 2006)
Because...I helped her.
*pokes Griefer drawing*
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (Jun 3, 2006)
Yes, you helped me more than anybody else could. My parents just didn't understand, but, you did. Thank you a lots dd.....
cybunnieswithbraces (Jun 3, 2006)
What else am I here for, eh? ;D
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (Jun 3, 2006)
I dunno.. to make everybody a cyborg and help me and letting the vampires get world domenation!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!! Eh....hehe... you didn't hear aaaaanything..... *whacks with stick*
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Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (May 5, 2006)
Okay... This is the first time I've drawn a person on the computer. Please tell me what needs to be done to help it. I'm putting as unfinished. The backround is horrible, I know.
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theonlyone (May 6, 2006)
Okay- try studying peoples faces- I know that sounds weird but when you're around people just look at the shape, examine the eyes, the nose, AND ESPECIALLY THE CHIN, and shape of face.
Try getting smoother lines- and if you're using a mouse it's really hard to make smooth lines.
I have a really annoying mouse.
So- um yeah.
Keep at it.^^
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (May 6, 2006)
I have an annoying mouse too. I know I suck at drawing people. I can't draw them with pencil and paper either. My friends persuaded me to draw one on here. Eh... didn't want to. I'd rather stick to animals and what I'm better at, but, that's alright, I guess.
shults (May 15, 2006)
one tip i can give, is to stare at people in buses. Thats what i do anyway. sometimes they notice and freak out, butits not like im ever gonna see em again. :)
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (May 15, 2006)
Thanks shults. I'll work on that. I've been trying to draw them on paper first.
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