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Rosemary (18 hours ago)
Just a doodle ..I had no idea what to draw so..drew what was in front of me! in the corridor mounted on the wall on the top floor of my house is a sealed and unused tho rather battered and faded and a tad rusty “Davy Descender” fire escape that was likely put there in the early 1930s .. no it’ll never be used!! we have more modern things now but this will stay as I just like how it looks for some reason .. the “do not hesitate it is perfectly safe” part does crack me up tho ..I’m sure jumping out of the window on a piece of string is safe lol (especially on 90 year old string!!) 😂
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luv2 (10 hours 6 min ago)
Wow, that really is an interesting historical piece.
I was fascinated by many things in Scotland when I visited, (way back before you were born) like using coins for electric and seems like tv
was also coin regulated. I'm sure that has all changed.
We visited many relatives in Glassgow area. They loved to sing at the local pub. Pretty good singers too!
Rosemary (edited 8 hours 53 min ago)
Lol thought you’d like the name Dave
Luv2 my house is a country manor that was built as a guest lodge for a rich family who owned a big chunk of Scotland of their summer homes was the local castle house was donated to the war effort in WW2 for use as a respite hospital for soldiers and after the war it stood empty right up until me and my other half bought’s fascinating looking up the history and while it’s a lot of work restoring the massive house by ourselves (we’re keeping it all as original as possible)..we keep finding new fabulous things that keeps us going (a brick built pottery kiln in one corner of the garden and wooden rowing boats hiding under the rhododendrons were more recent finds)
I’m on the west coast of Scotland so Glasgow is just a few hours away
As to the rest .. coin electric meters were fairly common in council or rented houses at least up until I was a kid..I know the first house I rented electric was by a card meter where I paid for little £5 strips of cardboard at the post office and pushed them into a slot in the box.. tho most people pay via banks etc these days lol ..I’m no drinker so wouldn’t know about pubs 😂 it’s 4 miles to my nearest village no matter anything else so I’m not the most social lol but yes people love singing and playing music
elly (9 hours 24 min ago)
I'm in awe of the amount of detail you were able to achieve in this rustic treasure!! Just wonderful!
davincipoppalag (4 hours 33 min ago)
my grandad was from the Glasgow area too.
drawn in 1 hour 26 min with Kleki
Rosemary (1 day 13 hours ago)
I noticed today that yesterday (jan 22nd) was my 18th anniversary of joining this lovely site! ….I was 18 when I joined this site in 2004 and my first drawing was a self portrait so it seems only fitting I’d do another now at 36 😂 …bit of an odd angle as I was drawing this using a mirror but oh well
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davincipoppalag (edited 1 day 1 hour ago)
its wonderful Rosemary i only got you by a by a tiny bit Dec 15 2003 This was Rosemary 1/22/2004
Rosemary (edited 18 hours ago)
Elly thank you so much you are too kind xx tho I’m far from gorgeous ..windswept and interesting at best 😂

Luv2 thank you very much to the college /university I got into the habit of doing 4 30 minute and 1 60 minute sketch in my sketchbook every single day and I seem to have those times embedded in me .. it is just a sketch and it’s nowhere near as finished as I would like but I know I wont go back to this one ..I really should take the time to do a properly finished painting here sometime!

Thank you Dave..just a few weeks! I can’t imagine this site without you here! xx

.. I see my first commenters were the lovely emmamommalag and the fabulous DeadlyBlondeArcher.. I came to this site following a few others from Youdraw when it was having temporary server troubles or something like that ..I remember Dan (Axil62) posted the site name and I had to come look it up ..I’d only ever drawn on the tiny black and white youdraw drawpad before then and had never done anything digitally in colour and was in awe of the artists here ..while I cringe at my first drawings the wonderful comments here and lovely people gave me more encouragement and inspired me to study art and I’m forever grateful 😊
luv2 (19 hours ago)
Did you get your degree in art?
You do such a fabulous job, and Elly is right, you are beautiful with fabulous hair.
Enjoy that age you are in, mid to late thirties are such a wonderful time for most women.
I loved it. lol
davincipoppalag (12 hours ago)
there were some wonderful artists here back then for sure i stll hit youdraw now fr4om time to time
drawn in 59 min with Kleki
Rosemary (3 days ago)
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elly (3 days ago)
So beautiful and crisp! Delightful!!
davincipoppalag (3 days ago)
beautiful rosemary
drawn in 42 min with Kleki
Rosemary (3 days ago)
little doodle to get back in the mood
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elly (3 days ago)
Oh my heart...I love this draw, Rosemary!
luv2 (3 days ago)
What a cutie! ツ
davincipoppalag (3 days ago)
aw cute doggy rosemary
PG13 (2 days 14 hours ago)
I dont have a dog but i want one now
drawn in 50 min with Kleki
Rosemary (13 days ago)
Back in my comfort zone drawing things like this ..just a doodle while listening to music ..not as good as as like and it’s difficult drawing and building lego with my 8 year old at the same time 😂 but I’m happy to have got the need to sketch this out of my system for now
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davincipoppalag (13 days ago)
wonderfful work
luv2 (13 days ago)
Fab four ツ , George?
elly (13 days ago)
Ain't no mistaken who this is!! Very good capture of his likeness!
drawn in 1 hour 10 min with Kleki
Rosemary (14 days ago)
Sketch of a little Coal Tit in my garden ..not much time today sadly so just a quick one
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davincipoppalag (14 days ago)
but this is still good Rosemary!
luv2 (13 days ago)
agreed ツ
elly (13 days ago)
Sometimes the quick draws are as good or even better than some we work ours on, like this one!! I love the added hatch marks in the background and all the textures. Nice piece my friend!
Fly (4 days ago)
drawn in 32 min with Kleki
Rosemary (Jan 5, 2022)
Just another is never dull when you have a 4 year old..
She got beads for Christmas and has taken to wearing 7 or 8 necklaces at once lol
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elly (Jan 5, 2022)
She sounds like lots of fun!! And cute as a button! Very nice drawing, Rosemary!
davincipoppalag (Jan 6, 2022)
she looks adorable Rosemary@ ehhehehe
luv2 (Jan 6, 2022)
Sweet looking girl and a fab quick draw.
Four year olds are a lot of fun, lots of imagination and they say the cutest things. ツ
drawn in 1 hour 19 min with Kleki
Rosemary (Jan 3, 2022)
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luv2 (Jan 5, 2022)
Definitely interesting. ツ
davincipoppalag (Jan 5, 2022)
eye see! eheh well done Rosemary
luv2 (Jan 5, 2022)
I looked at your DeviantArt board again and I'm so impressed how well you did some of your portraits, Like Bella, Marc Bolan, and Nalle Colt.
Henry Moore sculpture is awesome too. Hoody is done so well, but not a pet for me, lol.
OHMSS, wow, Clint wow, you certainly are very talented! ツ
davincipoppalag (Jan 6, 2022)
she is indeed

drawn in 59 min with Kleki
Rosemary (Dec 31, 2021)
Doodle of the day..just a little wild rabbit in my garden
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luv2 (Dec 31, 2021)
Looks like a very cute bunny and a pretty illustration as well. ツ
elly (Dec 31, 2021)
SO nicely done! I love the accent of dots and lines! Nice work Rosemary!
davincipoppalag (Dec 31, 2021)
aaaw so cute.. Happy New Year Rosemary
drawn in 40 min with Kleki
Rosemary (Dec 30, 2021)
thought id attempt to draw the picture on one of the Christmas cards i received this year ..I absolutely love the design and just had to try
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elly (Dec 30, 2021)
Well you totally captured the look of a card! Do you illustrate books or anything?
davincipoppalag (Dec 30, 2021)
well done Rosemary
drawn in 1 hour 26 min with Kleki
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