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Date of Birth: April 15th, 1989 (32)
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Some more pics i've done off the the site. Enjoy =P
Birthday: April 15th, 1989
Age: 15 at the momento!
The tools: Laser mouse (I just hate it when it shuts off every now and then for about 2 mins) Crappy junky computer! whee slowness pwns you!

I kind of abandoned this account, my new account is Jodylicious, only because I show it to alot of my teachers, and stuff like that, and i'd rather not have inapropriate stuff XD
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thumbnail what happend to.. the crimsonking and all this drawings? >____>;
Aug 26, 2005
thumbnail i can smell purple... ^___^ rofl jk >_> (if you know what "smelling purple" is XD)
May 19, 2005
thumbnail it's supposed to be all funky chunky colored like that..
Apr 7, 2005
thumbnail it was just so freaky when you saw the kid and that girl... err... creepy, i jumped so much, especia...
Feb 2, 2005
thumbnail anime eyes arnt ALWAYS large, they are mostly normal size or just slightly bigger. but the eyes do l...
Feb 2, 2005
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