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DorsY69 (Jul 22, 2008)
He who lives in Harmony with himself lives in Harmony with the Universe.
-Marcus Aurelius
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Axil62 (Apr 12, 2013)
Bump up
davincipoppalag (Apr 12, 2013)
good bumpup
Wraith (Apr 18, 2013)
Amazing! All that detail wow!
davincipoppalag (Oct 6, 2019)
this one is just so beautiful..
drawn in 12 hours with Lascaux Sketch
DorsY69 (Aug 10, 2008)
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Axil62 (Aug 21, 2009)
If I was there I'd lick yer whole mouth off!
Miss_DJ (Dec 22, 2009)
yep, the unbelievably talented ms DorsY69!
dorothyblueeyes (Dec 23, 2009)
You definitely could professionallly do portraits;lots of people still have them done,and there is a market.Now,I'm not sure if it is also in digital art,but I bet so;plus,you're good enough for the real fine art market,too.Uh,can I ask,did you do it much larger, than this,and then shrink it down?probably not.I can barely see any paint smudges or signs.They're either invisible,or so fine you can;t see them;and yes,you got the expression and feeling just right.(Are you SWISS??they're the only people in the world,whom I know,are such sheer crazy perfectionists;or else you're related to Durer,or a Renissance painter;Oh,sorry,did not mean to pry.I knew someone who did anatomical science illustration,reminds me of that perfection.)fantasticccc!
axxido (May 20, 2010)
UOW...! amazing technique..!
drawn in 13 hours with Lascaux Sketch
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DorsY69 (Aug 10, 2008)
man this sketch took a bit to long haha!
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Lostification (Aug 10, 2008)
woaah dors O.O this looks exactly like you!! amazing job
DorsY69 (Aug 11, 2008)
Thank you everyone :)
bette_davis_eyes (Aug 12, 2008)
sooo pretty dorsy! I love how you did the lil wispy flyaway hairs :)
FreakyA (Aug 12, 2008)
wow...that's awesome dorsy!!! u got lovely green eyes^^
drawn in 48 min with Lascaux Sketch
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KGH (Jul 22, 2008)
11 comments – latest 4:
FreakyA (Jul 23, 2008)
OMG!! IT'S KARTIC!!! =D that's super cool =D
klm21 (Aug 2, 2008)
great drawing good detaills :)
rathian619 (May 15, 2009)
OMG KGH 'w' wow dorsy 2 and goldie but wheres shellys
shell (Apr 4, 2010)
Here I am rath :) sorry, I'm a little late but what's a year among friends?
drawn in 1 hour 40 min with Lascaux Sketch
15 comments – latest 4:
justachick (Jul 29, 2008)
wow this is sweet.
shults (Mar 15, 2010)
I like it :)
shell (Apr 4, 2010)
beefcake619 (Sep 2, 2011)
Great sketch !!
drawn in 9 hours 11 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Mudkachu (Jul 22, 2008)
Going through random stock photos, I chose to do this lady because I liked her gaze. I did this piece to study the technique of zimbrulfurios/gratuitous candy, but I ended up using dots. I was particularly brave here, and it was alot of fun.
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montezmaria (Feb 28, 2009)
Great drawing, the way you've done it really is interesting.
Suntan (Feb 28, 2009)
It's wonderful!
Miss_DJ (Feb 28, 2009)
very nicely created! you've captured her emotion very well!
Aubrey (Jun 13, 2009)
This reminds me of a project we had to do in 8th grade art which had us punching out hundreds of little colored dots out of construction paper and gluing them into one big picture. Was the hardest thing to do, but turned out pretty cool. Kinda like this.
drawn in 47 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Flubbles (Jul 9, 2008)
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Flubbles (Aug 6, 2008)
Thanks alot i probobly spent to much time fiddling with it towards the end though!
Babsblueeyes (Jan 18, 2009)
Flubbles, this is beautiful. Those trusting eyes and sweet face. Just lovely.
enirroc (Apr 18, 2010)
Heyy, I love priscilla ahn.
Also, this picture is beautiful. Your blending skills are fantastic.
drawn in 17 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Flubbles (Jul 15, 2008)
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Flubbles (Aug 17, 2008)
I wonder if somebody could tell me whats up with my drawing applet, every time i click on draw to finish my latest drawing a box comes up and it says java plug in fatal error, then in the box it says several java machines running in the same process caused an error.Then when i click on ok in the box it comes up on the screen java must be installed and enabled to use the applet, please refer to java set up tutorial for more information.I just wanted to get teh drawing done so i could start a new one, and i cant seem to use the applet for some reason..........any thoughts?
teodorika (Feb 4, 2009)
oh, WOW! :O
Flubbles (Feb 27, 2010)
Big old rubber lips.
enirroc (Apr 18, 2010)
Damn, the skin tons are so nice, your art makes me so jealous sometimes. :P
drawn in 15 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Roxana1890 (Jul 6, 2008)
18 comments – latest 4:
richboi11 (Jul 10, 2008)
Miss_DJ (Jul 10, 2008)
pepi (Jul 11, 2008)
your incredible!! so talented XD beautiful drawing!! ^^
KGH (Jul 22, 2008)
Awesome awesome work Rox.
drawn in 3 hours 37 min with Lascaux Sketch
DorsY69 (Jun 23, 2008)
work in progress ... O.o
18 comments – latest 4:
bette_davis_eyes (Jun 25, 2008)
she's gorgeous!
Sweetcell (Jun 26, 2008)
You have to really have guts to wear orange lipstick. Whoever came up with that color? 8|

Her eyes (specailly to the right) see assymetrical, but it's a minor quibble. The iris, hair, lips, eyebrow are *wow* factor.
FreakyA (Jul 10, 2008)
eeeek...she's so pretty >.< i love them lips, lovely colour!!
DorsY69 (Jul 23, 2008)
Thank you :)
drawn in 4 hours 17 min with Lascaux Sketch
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