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Silver_Note (Dec 28, 2004)
Candle burning bright to fill the darkness with warmth, it is missing something! What is it though???
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mukumuku (Dec 29, 2004)
nice! it doesnt really look all that realistic, but the style is unique and makes it look cool
Jack_Fox (Dec 29, 2004)
Very cool, the colors are excellent. (only thing missing is the blue.)
Silver_Note (Dec 29, 2004)
*is confused* Blue? Oh, in the fire?
Knockoff (Dec 29, 2004)
Oh! Thats cool. Awesome texture use.
drawn in 37 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic (Dec 2, 2004)
Just something i thought up... it's a lone bare tree on top of a hill as the sun sets behind it.....
13 comments – latest 4: (edited Dec 4, 2004)
yea ok look... sorry it's not the best and it's not what u want it to be. i know it's not intermed. i wasn't going for it really.... but i did need the bigger board. so sorry, back off already will ye? i started with what was an intermed. one but i got frustrated and earsed it and did that. and to give youz guyz a heads up not everything i draw will be detailed or have an understanding or even have these magnificant graphic elements like everybody else might have. it's like some stories and poems u've read. they might not make sense to u or anybody for that matter, but still might be good. what i draw is different from what everybody else draws... that's why i do that, not just because it's what i can do. so i'm sorry that youz guyz are having this argument over my art just because u have some small problems with it.
aleusha (edited Dec 5, 2004)
um... (sheepishly ducking head to avoid fire) i like the glow around the tree and the chunky bark texture... oh, and the misty grass too
E-cho_veggies (Dec 5, 2004)
I think its pretty. It may not be an amazing piece of art work, but I think its still pretty. (Dec 6, 2004)
at least some ppl like
drawn in 2 hours 49 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Silver_Note (Nov 28, 2004)
As you can tell this is not a tuba. Sorry Levi, I will draw one after I get a tablet. I drew this picture just to say this is my last pic on this site for a while. I am really busy, and will not draw for a while. Hopefully when I do get started back on this site, I will have a tablet. Then maybe I will stop drawing such crappy pictures! So Merry Christmas to all! And to all a safe and happy holiday season!
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Traaleeah (Nov 28, 2004)
Awesome picture Silver! Its so Christmasy!
Merry Christmas to you too!
E-cho_veggies (Dec 3, 2004)
Thats cool! Feliz Navidad to you to!
Linwe_lover_1990 (Dec 27, 2004)
thanx Kels i will be happy to see that tuba when you get to it! ;) got your table yet? since it is after christmns
Silver_Note (Dec 27, 2004)
I did get it! And boy is it great! You just need to give me a few little details before I draw you a tuba.
drawn in 25 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Silver_Note (Oct 29, 2004)
This is similar to another dragon I have drawn on paper, it is definantly different from what I usually draw on here. I am not done with the shading and textures, and haven't decided on a background. I will probably finish this tomorrow sometime...maybe some other day. Bah, whatever I am never going to get around to finishing this, so I guess it is as done as it is going to get.
5 comments – latest 4:
E-cho_veggies (Nov 5, 2004)
Oh thats so cool! I love it! Awsome job!
Koneko-sama (Nov 8, 2004)
Vurah nice! You're better at shading than I am... -_-;;
TaCO (Nov 28, 2004)
O.O Great design!!!!!! And cool eye!!!!! (Dec 11, 2004)
this is cool.... i think it's better than my dragon. btw good shading technique
drawn in 26 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Go Vote!
marcello (Nov 2, 2004)
It's vital!
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Linwe_lover_1990 (Oct 20, 2004)
A shout out to all you Star Wars fans out there.
10 comments – latest 4:
E-cho_veggies (Oct 21, 2004)
Ooooh! Its so awsome! Good job!
Traaleeah (Oct 21, 2004)
This is so good! It looks so metalic.
friend (Jun 4, 2005)
This is my favorite pic on the site! STAR WARS ROCKS! THIS IS SO COOL!
sincity (Jun 4, 2005)
Good one! :}
drawn in 1 hour 14 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
JoJoFries (Oct 20, 2004)
If you arent on here and you are a close friend SORRY but this is a shoutout to all my close friends... Not a very good one but at least it shows you I actually like you :D And as I sit here eating skittles I hope that you like it!
7 comments – latest 4:
E-cho_veggies (Oct 21, 2004)
Aaaw! Thank you Jozi! Ha no Kayla! *wiggles tongue out at Kayla* Haha! Your not on here! ;)
Traaleeah (edited Oct 21, 2004)
This is very kind of you JoJo. I saw it a couple times I just never had time to comment, but thank you my deary!
JoJoFries (Oct 21, 2004)
I am... Too kind *sniffles*
E-cho_veggies (Oct 21, 2004)
*pats you on shoulder* Yes, yes you are. Wait--no your not!! ;) No, I'm kidding of course.
drawn in 1 hour 1 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
sapphirefairy47 (Oct 19, 2004)
Dunno, kind of explains itself...I was watchin music videos and just started making a circle.
2 comments – latest 2:
E-cho_veggies (Oct 19, 2004)
Teehee! I like it! Its very simple, but cool. But I think it needs a background.
dijum (Oct 21, 2004)
ooooooohhhhhh.....i like how you did the shine on the right side of it![][][]
drawn in 23 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Misc. Boards/Sprites 
Anime_Girl (Oct 18, 2004)
This might be used as my icon! Please comment I got to get off soon.
7 comments – latest 4:
Anime_Girl (Oct 19, 2004)
He is a character off of ATHF!
Silver_Note (Oct 19, 2004)
And the ATHF is what?
RokGolam (Oct 19, 2004)
i dont think the point is "who" he is but it is more "why is he huge?" or why.... never mind, nice
Anime_Girl (Oct 19, 2004)
Er, he had a groths spurt...
drawn in 36 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Beginner 
Silver_Note (Oct 17, 2004)
Here is a flute! Some of my best friends play the flute...I really like this color...the greeny minty color.
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Nightmare (Oct 17, 2004)
Harmonica rulez j00 all. *grins like a hick*
davincipoppalag (Oct 17, 2004)
This one is nice too SN. Music is great, you keep it your whole life. I was a band geek too..(trumpet) but I still have lots of others in the house. I still love to mess around with instruments.
Knockoff (Oct 20, 2004)
Gosh, your style is great. Once again. Wonderful. Your knowledge of the instruments it great.
JoJoFries (Jan 21, 2005)
OOOOH You took my request! Teehee I am the "some of her best friends" I requested she draw a flute yipee! Emily and I are so specail!
drawn in 23 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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