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drawn in 26 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Silver_Note (Oct 29, 2004)
This is similar to another dragon I have drawn on paper, it is definantly different from what I usually draw on here. I am not done with the shading and textures, and haven't decided on a background. I will probably finish this tomorrow sometime...maybe some other day. Bah, whatever I am never going to get around to finishing this, so I guess it is as done as it is going to get.
Silver_Note (Oct 29, 2004)
drawn in 26 min
dijum (Oct 30, 2004)
man that is cool! i love the shading!
E-cho_veggies (Nov 5, 2004)
Oh thats so cool! I love it! Awsome job!
Koneko-sama (Nov 8, 2004)
Vurah nice! You're better at shading than I am... -_-;;
TaCO (Nov 28, 2004)
O.O Great design!!!!!! And cool eye!!!!! (Dec 11, 2004)
this is cool.... i think it's better than my dragon. btw good shading technique
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