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Chaosz (Mar 6, 2005)
Pretty much controversial...XD XP and I hope you guys like it! Oh and I'm wondering if you guys and the moderater could tell me if this was intermediate material and if it's not then could the moderators plz not delete it but instead move it to the beginner board instead...cuz i worked hard on this! >< Plz and thx alot!! Also this is pretty much like good and evil just in a mirror lol XD XP so...yep I hope you guys like it! Oh yeah the quote on the pic I made it up...and it goes with the pic...XD XP. :D (Oh yeah the white stuff...I dont know why but I could'nt really get it off of the pic for some reason...:/) EDIT: Someone said that this pic could be in the advance board so if any moderators could plzzzz move this to the advance board then I would grately appreaciate it...plzz....(reason is because I really want a pic in the acvance board...and too bad you cant move it up by going to the edit page...but oh well...Plz move this to advance moderators....) Thank you. ^^
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Chaosz (edited Mar 6, 2005)
Thanks for the advice and compliment I'll keep that in mind from now on! Also I like thick lines better not much of a thin line drawing person...not sure why. Thx anyways. Oh yea if you meant the shading in the reflection it's like that because the skin,hair,and clothes are supposed to represent light and dark.
squee (Mar 8, 2005)
Huzah! Nice one, i love it Chaosz! :D
TaCO (Mar 8, 2005)
Great job!!!!!
This is the best pic you drew so far.
Chaosz (Mar 11, 2005)
lol thx DerrickEwing ^^ and did you see the other pic I posted before this one...¬¬ I liked that one Thx anyways and tell me and memo me when you want to collab with me! (I'll try to get on more and post more..but I have so much homework...!!!) :D
drawn in 2 hours 15 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Chaosz (Mar 4, 2005)
Well I'm glad I finished! The only thing I'm not happy about the pic is the really big spot in the background...I'm not very good at background so yea sorry...T.T other than that I'm really glad i could draw's like the best one I did and I using a crappy mouse! I think I have to trade in my good mouse for the crappy one so I could draw this good again...¬¬ well anyways I have'nt been on a long yea hope you guys think i improved...! :D (Oh yeah ps...I was going to make the pic look kewl by having him stick up his middle finger but the mosue would'nt cooperate so i just gave up and drew a random line and his arms stay like that..which is tight! T.T too bad I could'nt have the middle finger...cuz it would of been much kewler!...)
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MoonlitShadow (edited Mar 4, 2005)
That's really cool, you draw people well it seems. I practice my butt off and I still can't seem to get my drawings of people to look quite right.. o.o;; Ah well, maybe I'll stick to Wolves =) .... And you draw better backrounds than me!>/ Lol..
Chaosz (edited Mar 4, 2005)
Oo thx! ^^ ur an intermediate I'm sure ...I think...anyways thx for posting on mine ^^ and yea I do draw good with anime and a mouse..but if you gave me one of those pen thingies...then I would! And its kinda like wolfs just people and if you can draw animals that good then you can draw people, you just need more pratice. Also thx for the comment ^^ and if you ever want to collab I'll collab with you!^^ Oo...and backgrounds? lol I suck at it!! It only looks good when you look at it far away like from the main page...because you can't really see the big just kinda blends in...while if you look at it like this...then it looks really XD XP and I'm not sure how you draw backgrounds because I haven't seen you draw it yet but I bet it'd be better than mine! Well at least really good because no body would notice it because of the
sxk (Mar 5, 2005)
nice guy i like alot.
squee (Mar 8, 2005)
muahahahaha... YOu draw more!! >:D
drawn in 43 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Chaosz (Dec 25, 2004)
Merry Christmas everybody!! and a short quick sketch i did becuase i felt like drawing just not sure what...
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vamp2 (Dec 25, 2004)
Merry X-mas to you.
emmamommalag (Dec 26, 2004)
Merry Christmas, Chaosz.
Chaosz (Jan 3, 2005)
Thanks ^^ and i hope you guys had a happy holiday.
drawn in 14 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Chaosz (Dec 23, 2004)
Well it was cold outside so yea...i kinda froze my face last night when i was out playing with the snow and so did my feet and my hands...and my feet and my hands froze even though my hands were inside a still forze...and my eye having problems typing my hand hurts....XD XP! im going to stop typing now...oh yeah the guy in the pic is freezing...sorry about not drawing it real good but i just felt like expressing how i felt...cold...XD XP.
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Chaosz (edited Dec 23, 2004)
lol!! XD XP well that's how i kinda hand feels better now but our snows melting away as i speak..T.T i dont like that...well anyways at least I'm not forzen like before...and you know it hurts when you get your mouth frozen and you also have braces because you can talk you just can't feel your mouth...or move it much for that mattter ^^()...¬¬. Oh and sorry about the crappy line art...
squee (Dec 23, 2004)
Aww poor Chaos *hugs* Its cold here but not that cold. >>
Chaosz (Dec 25, 2004)
lol thanks squee and thanks for the hug...^^. Also it is that cold over here....but not exactly like my picture told...but my hands did freeze and stuff so yea....
Geist (Mar 6, 2005)
Lol XD I love this one! I love the eyes and the skull!
drawn in 22 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Chaosz (Dec 21, 2004)
not done
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squee (Dec 22, 2004)
Wow. This is amazing.
mazi (Dec 23, 2004)
is there a reference for this? looks like it'd be fun to color :)
Chaosz (edited Dec 29, 2004)
yea theirs a reference for this pic and i'll put it up sooner or later...and i wonder if i should finish this?...
Geist (Mar 6, 2005)
NATURO! XD Awesome!
drawn in 1 hour 47 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Chaosz (Dec 19, 2004)
umm...well the title says it all...this is what i would look like in anime..and yes i really do have that hair..and i wish you could erase black with erase mask but sadly you cant so im trying to decide what i need to do!! >< and well i need to work on my eyes and see how im going to color it so yea...tell me if u have any suggestions. hope u guys like it :P. C&C plz.
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Animegirl250 (Dec 22, 2004)
i love white hair! wheeee!!!! looks good so far!
Chaosz (Dec 23, 2004)
Thanks Animegirl250 but I'm still wondering about how I am going to do the black hair...
squee (Dec 27, 2004)
perhaps I can help?? Clean up the lineart, help shade, you know the works? So it'll give you an idea. Or do you want this to be just you?
Chaosz (edited Jan 1, 2005)
umm...I'm not sure...XD XP! I gotta think...because I am having problems with the hair so yea...I'll im you when I'm done thinking...XD XP.
drawn in 39 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Chaosz (Dec 17, 2004)
i kinda used a different technique then my last one...this time i used that first one...and well hope u like it and i think it looks good like how my drawing turns out espeacilly wings, hair, face, head, clothes, and the fireball thingy...not sure what it is but its kewl! anyways give me suggestions and now i have to finsh the background...or just leave it like that...not sure...i would finish it right now...but i dont have time...give me suggestions thx! :D
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Chaosz (Dec 18, 2004)
kewl ^^ glad u like him
squee (Dec 18, 2004)
Oooh... He's sexy. Can I keep him?
Chaosz (Dec 18, 2004)
yea u can have one if u want. just memo me and thx ^^.
Geist (Mar 6, 2005)
I like the little fire expoldie thingy X3 I like the wings too
drawn in 1 hour 2 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Chaosz (Dec 16, 2004)
....i dont know....hope like...
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yuohoo (Dec 17, 2004)
welcome.. oh! your new...
Chaosz (Dec 17, 2004)
yep ^^ hello...i tried to jion but noooo...umm well anyways main point...i dont know where the pending list im not sure if im on...@.@ >.> >< i hate it!!! if u do go on plz tell me or message me on memo ^^. and...i think i messed him not sure how to do his hair the way i wanted it..or merge it with other shading...XD XP plz give me advice...and do u know how to send pictures that are in microsoft paint (the paint that comes with ur comp) into this thing?? thx anyways and hope u guys like my other pictures...oh and heres one i drew of flcl on on my freinds account....(i drew it on one of my freinds account that is a girl.....and dont ask me about the name ask her....) if u want 2 see the pic heres the link scroll down until u see Naota-FLCL or by Kittie cat. thx
Chaosz (Dec 17, 2004)
drawn in 16 min
umm same one as before........give me some ideas and how do u like it now?
Geist (Mar 6, 2005)
I like the hair =) It looks really good
drawn in 47 min with PaintBBS