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Kenshin, Cacau, and Nightmare (Feb 11, 2005)
For Cacau.. I still have to do collabs with Jakira and.. Cheetoz(I think)
As for this.. I don't know where the heck it came from.. I was originally going to think while drawing.. and I started off with a body, and then I was thinking... well, that's stupid and boring if they are just standing there, so then I was thinking of a peace sign, and thought.. noo.. and then it reminded me of a picture I had done before, and I started doodling off to the side of what the hand was doing, and then I got an idea.. and this is what happened 8D
And I don't care if there are typos >_>
29 comments – latest 4:
Xodiak (Apr 24, 2005)
Very sweet. Your lineart is absolutely gorgeous miss Sayoko... "Mr. Rogers" Nightmare also did great with the colouring. Great work! >:D
Nightmare (Apr 24, 2005)
Why thank you, neighbor. <:)
Kenshin (Apr 28, 2005)
Oh well I don't care. I don't think I'm ever going to find that stupid thing so I'm just going to set this as finished. -_-
ILoveKenshin (Apr 29, 2005)
I like the lineart. ^_^
drawn in 3 hours 2 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
DieChan and Cacau (Jan 19, 2005)
Um... Yeah. This was an at school doodle with a mouse, so it looks really crappy... sorry. Thanks for the coloring!
5 comments – latest 4:
Cacau (Jan 19, 2005)
If nobody shows up, can i do the BG?
Cacau (Jan 19, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour
Done with the colouring! I was thinking to a good color to the hair then Kurama come to my mind! Pink hair is cooL! Wait, is she a boy? O_O Kiddin´, don´t kill me, I know that it´s a boy. I used so many textures, but in some places I din´t have pacience to choose one, then I put halftone -_-. Sorry.
clockworkkubrick (Jan 19, 2005)
Grah.. it's not accepting my comments. -_-; Nice texture, but Kurama has red hair? It's also begging a background <3
Cacau (Jan 19, 2005)
For me Kurama-sama has dark-pink/light-red hair O_O He just inspired me.
drawn in 1 hour 26 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
StrawberryYamichan and Cacau (Jan 21, 2005)
edit: okay i'm marking this as finished cause it was obviously forgotten about
5 comments – latest 4:
StrawberryYamichan (Feb 9, 2005)
Uuuh Jakira and Cacau can do it. Like split in half...maybe someone do the horse and tress, and the other does the girl and grass....I dunno.
Jakira (Feb 9, 2005)
ill do the girl and grass!
Cacau (Feb 10, 2005)
OMG, I want to do the girl!!!
Cacau (Feb 10, 2005)
drawn in 18 min
wooooooooooooooo. halftones. Sorry Jakira, you asked after, and I wanted to colour the girl... I'll stop colouring this now. Wheeeeeeee, pink skin!
drawn in 1 hour 14 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
koisnake, sincity, and Cacau (Jan 12, 2005)
This is so far what I came up with.Ill finsih the rest soon .....I dont how to join another perosn in the picture
19 comments – latest 4:
koisnake (Feb 19, 2005)
Oh wow!Dame Cacau!Thats good!
StrawberryYamichan (Feb 19, 2005)
its so creepily awesome if that even makes sense.
Chaosz (Mar 6, 2005)
Thats an awesome background! Very nice drawings.
sincity (Jun 28, 2005)
drawn in 17 min
Well, I didn't realize this was still open , so I decided to put a little more stuff into it. Since I can't get on the mega - collab yet. :}
drawn in 3 hours 4 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
ILoveKenshin and Cacau (Feb 11, 2005)
Bwahaha. It's a dude. :D It's for.. cacau? Maybe I got that wrong, but anyway, please give me some feedback before I finish it. :D
17 comments – latest 4:
ILoveKenshin (Feb 18, 2005)
I think it's the eye.
Ty854 (Feb 18, 2005)
It might be the shape of the face or the build...? And the shirt.
ILoveKenshin (Feb 18, 2005)
Also, I think it might be the eyebrow... everything about the manly features looks better in version 2..
Ty854 (Feb 18, 2005)
I think it looks like a girl in every version. You should just retitle it to 'Sexy'LongHairedVillianChick
drawn in 3 hours 22 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
moon-pearl, Silver_Note, Cacau, Jakira, cyclops, and more... (Dec 31, 2004)
Hey, seeing the big Collab of Anthros gave me the idea! Let's draw ourselves as chibies going to a party for the new year (in night clothes).

Hope you guys will like the concept ^^

48 comments – latest 4:
inatyrb (Feb 13, 2005)
THANK YOU!!! This turned out er... interesting!
NIKNIKKNUTZEN (Feb 27, 2005)
Flubbles (Apr 9, 2010)
I'm so jealous I wasn't part of this.
enirroc (Apr 9, 2010)
You would have made it awesome.
drawn in 5 hours 39 min with Lascaux Sketch
Jakira and Cacau (Feb 11, 2005)
who wants to color?
9 comments – latest 4:
Jakira (Feb 11, 2005)
her eyes are cool
Cacau (Feb 12, 2005)
drawn in 38 min
Doneth. If you don't like how I did the nightefect Jakky, You can erase it, it's in an diferent leyer.
Jakira (Feb 12, 2005)
I LOVE i like how she sorta looks like a kitty!
edit: a kitty that will KILL!!!!lol
StrawberryYamichan (Feb 12, 2005)
Those textures make it look way awesome
drawn in 1 hour 22 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Punky and Cacau (Jan 23, 2005)
ive never been on this board before, but i was wondering if anyone wanted to collab with me. i you do, just use the comment thingy down there and tell me. Id really like that. ^_^
7 comments – latest 4:
Cacau (Feb 9, 2005)
Go to "modify users" in the above the versions, then add me ^^
Cacau (Feb 12, 2005)
drawn in 44 min
inatyrb (Feb 13, 2005)
yay! It almost looks like a succubus! Yay for succubus's! Lol! ^^Can't wait until its colored!
Punky (Feb 17, 2005)
drawn in 9 min
sorry about the crappy coloring job, ill clean it up later, got tons of homework.
drawn in 1 hour 21 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Jakira and Cacau (Feb 8, 2005)
anyone wanna color?
4 comments – latest 4:
Cacau (Feb 8, 2005)
drawn in 37 min
Wheeeeeeeee, done!!
Jakira (Feb 8, 2005)
i like its done!
StrawberryYamichan (Feb 8, 2005)
It looks nice! The lineart colour kinda looks bad with the other colours, but it's great!
Jakira (Feb 9, 2005)
drawn in 2 min
i did the line art a different color
drawn in 1 hour 34 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
Cacau and StrawberryYamichan (Jan 19, 2005)
It´s HiHi. It´s Puffy. It´s Ami and Yumi. And It´s a collab! I´ll fix Yumi tomorrow (SO TIRED!!) I hope you like.
11 comments – latest 4:
StrawberryYamichan (Jan 27, 2005)
Hot bg, dude. It's so cool
inatyrb (Jan 27, 2005)
Jeez.... This show is weird. I saw it once. Didn't like it. No offense. It really seems like it focuses on stereotypical labeling though. Such as what is above, Yumi is so punk. Sorry things like that bother me, But o well. It is a nice picuture though. For a quick bg its not too bad! ^^
wingz38 (Jan 27, 2005)
pretty cute!
redmond (Jan 3, 2006)
im a fan of the show and i like the picture its cool
drawn in 1 hour 34 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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