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BehindMyScreen (May 21, 2010)
So this is supposed to be Scarlett Johanson...but at the moment she bares no resemblance at all! >< I'll keep going later. Tips greatly appreciated!
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Arique (May 25, 2011)
I knew who it was!
BehindMyScreen (May 25, 2011)
drawn in 28 min
How can I do the hair? I'm a little happier with the lips :) But any advice on how to do realistic hair...I'd love it! :)
BehindMyScreen (May 26, 2011)
drawn in 19 min
The hair shape is a little better now, but by no means done. This is actually really fun so I reckon I'll keep going til I'm really happy with it.
BehindMyScreen (May 26, 2011)
drawn in 7 min
I'm considering abandoning my attempts of making her Scarlett and just making her be a random person...
drawn in 3 hours 6 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Arique (May 24, 2011)
Just a speed paint of some movie. Trying to get better.
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enjoydotcom (May 24, 2011)
Hi! Don't leave us for so long all the time ;).

Arique (May 24, 2011)
im sorryyyy!
davincipoppalag (May 25, 2011)
welcome home
Arique (May 25, 2011)
drawn in 50 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
~DrawBerry~ (Oct 20, 2010)
to be continued...
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~DrawBerry~ (Oct 25, 2010)
drawn in 54 min
I do not intend to finish it properly (at least not today)... well hope you like this anyway :)
Arique (Oct 26, 2010)
ohhhh! This is beautiful! The softness you've captured in the mouth and nose is really really lovely. and your colors are great!
~DrawBerry~ (Oct 28, 2010)
drawn in 29 min
added more green...... well I don't have an idea how to proceed on this. there should be some kind of berry though...maybe the buttons of the coat!
Harlie_Jayne (Apr 8, 2011)
This is beautiful!
drawn in 2 hours 28 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Flubbles (Aug 30, 2010)
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Suntan (Aug 31, 2010)
yummy whoppers
Miss_DJ (Aug 31, 2010)
I love you Whoppers, truly, I do.
Flubbles (Aug 31, 2010)
drawn in 33 min
Finish later.
madscientist111 (Aug 31, 2010)
Delicious, tastey draw!
drawn in 2 hours 24 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Mushroom-Knight (Jul 19, 2010)
Shoulders look so huge and a little off, but meh....
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miha_clau (Jul 26, 2010)
can't wait to see it finished
madscientist111 (Aug 24, 2010)
Lovely draw!
Arique (Aug 24, 2010)
i actually really like this! The softness to the hair is wonderful
Mushroom-Knight (Sep 4, 2010)
Thanks :)
drawn in 2 hours 4 min with Chicken Paint
Public Boards/Advanced 
Roytje (Aug 20, 2010)
School starts tomorrow, so this is the last one for a while. I guess.
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Suntan (Aug 25, 2010)
Beautiful, Roytje. :)
having fun?!
backmagicwoman (Jan 16, 2011)
Sexy and beautiful.
Flubbles (edited Jan 16, 2011)
It's nice but the arms ands hands look offscale to me, they look a bit on the large size. I could be wrong.
montezmaria (Jan 16, 2011)
Lovely, really love the tones of color used in it. The focus of the hands and flowers are so well done. Really beautiful.
drawn in 2 hours 26 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
kupocoffee (Aug 2, 2010)
Trying to recreate one of my favorite scenes from "WallE"
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kupocoffee (Sep 15, 2010)
drawn in 33 min
Thank you guys for all the comments davincipoppalag,sassy109, Arique, and Bob lol I saw your Eve drawing and commented it too it was wonderful! I think
I finished it... Though I feel like its missing something,,, It could be better that way.
elly (Sep 16, 2010)
I think you did a great job on this! I love the details in WallE's eyes. Very cute movie too.
xiau (Sep 16, 2010)
Ohh how cute! ;v; Something about the style makes it seem more whimsical than the original scene; it almost feels nostalgic, in a way. Anyway, great job!
Miss_DJ (Sep 16, 2010)
very likeable draw..nice job!
drawn in 6 hours 39 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
HiroDaZero (Aug 8, 2010)
I don't like chibi now
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vlad.the.hamster (Aug 12, 2010)
I don't think I've ever really liked Chibi that much, but you did a great job with this. :)
HiroDaZero (Aug 12, 2010)
Thanks :)
But who cares anyway? Let's ditch the labels xD
HiroDaZero (Aug 12, 2010)
Thanks :)
But who cares anyway? Let's ditch the labels xD
Arique (Aug 13, 2010)
Oh man... so cool. Those pops of color really set this apart from just a regular set of eyes. especially love the green reflected light in the eye
drawn in 1 hour 15 min with Chicken Paint
Roytje (Aug 12, 2010)
There’s a still in the street outside your window
You’re keepin’ secrets on your pillow
Let me inside, no cause for alarm
I promise tonight not to do no harm
I promise you baby,I won't be no harm

And we're caught up in the crossfire
A heaven and hell
And were searching for shelter
Lay your body down...

Watching your dress as you turn down the light
I forget all about the storm outside
Dark clouds roll their way over town
Heartache and pain came pouring down like
Chaos in the rain, yeah
They're handing it out

And we're caught up in the crossfire
Heaven and hell
And were searching for shelter
Lay your body down...

Tell the devil that he can go back from where he came
His fire he airs all through their beating vein.
And when the hardest part is over we'll be here
And our dreams will break the boundaries of our fears
Boundaries of our fears

Lay your body down(6x)

Next to mine
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Roytje (Aug 13, 2010)
drawn in 20 min
I'll see him 28th September :D
Arique (Aug 13, 2010)
your use of color is so attractive. I love it.
Suntan (edited Aug 14, 2010)
oh, lucky you, enjoy...this is beautiful. :)
KuteDymples (Aug 15, 2010)
Amazing, the colors and the lighting are beautiful!
drawn in 1 hour 58 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
HiroDaZero (Aug 13, 2010)
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Suntan (Aug 14, 2010)
hey, very cool work
kupocoffee (Aug 14, 2010)
I like this style of shading. The composition flows nicely, great work!
Moosh (Aug 15, 2010)
dayum! Great work.
drawn in 55 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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