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Suring you could be drawing a humorous republican, right now?
Or an evil musical instrument?
Or a princess hacking a beat in a trance?
Or a tall soccer player matching some hippies?
Or an unfortunate hamster running with a car?
Or a gigantic terrorist dreaming?
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thumbnail 'Artistic Moderator' also seems to be a popular oxymoron these days, eh, Marcello?

After a wonder...
Mar 8, 2004
thumbnail I'm not trying to act 'superior' about anything... I'm just telling what I know. It's come to a poin...
Mar 2, 2004
thumbnail Marcello: First off, I'm not going to use italics strait out if I don't want to. Everyone has their ...
Mar 2, 2004
thumbnail Oh, I know that. Like, where the colors /come/ from. And cougar and tiger and leopard colors are all...
Mar 2, 2004
thumbnail No, if you draw a furry with horns I wouldn't get mad at you. That's just silly.
The thing is... th...
Mar 2, 2004
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