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kik (Oct 14, 2023)
i actually really hate this drawing but I had to finish it bc it annoyed me how it wasn't done
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---Luna (Nov 13, 2023)
I had KFC last night lol
RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 13, 2023)
speaking of kfc did you know that kfc not only stands for kentucky fried chicken but it also stands for kris, chara and frisk. :D
kik (Nov 13, 2023)
Im surprised my friend hasnt told me this already T_T
---Luna (15 days ago)
also this is very motivating to me
drawn in 14 hours with Kleki
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Any animators here?
SamuelOwoadeOfficial (Aug 13, 2021)
I do animate a bit myself...
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kik (Nov 11, 2023)
same perspective as Shadow but... oh well
(=šŸ¦ ą¼ šŸ¦=)
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kik (Nov 12, 2023)
fr thats probably bc of the angle ToT
AmigeEctordiss (Nov 13, 2023)
cat on the right looks like the walter white staring image
kik (Nov 13, 2023)
luv2 (Nov 13, 2023)
looks good
drawn in 11 hours 46 min with Kleki
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wizardbubs (Nov 11, 2023)
the drawing window was cropped in a way where i couldnt see the rest of the canvas T__T oh well... this is my first oekaki post in a while!! im excited to have found one again _(:3怍āˆ )_
character is by me!
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RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 12, 2023)
PlainJerzel (Nov 13, 2023)
Very cool
drawn in 31 min with PaintBBS
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whimsimint (Nov 11, 2023)
space robot pals
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kik (Nov 11, 2023)
i love invader zim :)
also nice style ^^
drawn in 27 min with Kleki
RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 3, 2023)
bro the background took so long lol
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AmigeEctordiss (Nov 9, 2023)
Listen. I hate cleaning toilets just as much as the next guy. But i have a trick. Listen closely. As I'm scrubbing the base of the toilet, i pretend i have a fetish for toilets. I know, sounds weird. But this works. Take your sponge and start moaning. This will enable your arousal senses. You will soon start to enjoy scrubbing away at it. I pretend my toilet is a big fat juicy badonkadonk and I'm giving it a feel. Visualize whatever you want. Soon you'll have urges to lick the toilet. Don't. Not yet. It isn't clean yet. Keep scrubbing away. Once your toilet is finally all nice and clean, go on, you deserve it.
susu (Nov 9, 2023)
This was uncalled for
PlainJerzel (Nov 10, 2023)
are you going to make the comic here?
RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 10, 2023)
possibly but i might post it on another site idk
drawn in 1 hour 46 min with Kleki
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
---Luna (Nov 1, 2023)
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susu (Nov 9, 2023)
Well duh you read wings of fire and warriors the next logical book writer is Rick Riordan. Iā€™m also assuming fablehaven is something else you read.
---Luna (Nov 9, 2023)
I've read Wings of fire, Warrior Cats, 39 Clues, and Harry potter.
kik (Nov 9, 2023)
actually ive never read fablehaven or harry potter like that wasn't my thing...
---Luna (Nov 10, 2023)
both harry potter and star wars are so similar but different at the same time.
drawn in 1 hour 13 min with Kleki
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PlainJerzel (Nov 10, 2023)
Help something happened to me..

He can become 2d or 3d at will
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PlainJerzel (Nov 10, 2023)
drawn in 23 min
finished thing
kik (Nov 10, 2023)
wait y do u always put the lineart in white on a black background first
PlainJerzel (Nov 10, 2023)
Its just the way I like doing it
kik (Nov 10, 2023)
ohh oki
drawn in 41 min with Kleki
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kik (Nov 9, 2023)
idk where this drawing is going and tbh the title was random af so we'll just have to see what happens...
drawn in 11 hours 37 min with Kleki
Public Boards/Beginner 
AmigeEctordiss (Nov 8, 2023)
this background is giving me a seizure
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RUSSIANFOXX (Nov 8, 2023)
the whole thing is giving me a seizure
drawn in 33 min with Kleki
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