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Roytje (6 days ago)
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shults (1 day 16 hours ago)
one lucky print is making its way to my place right now! :D
Roytje (1 day 14 hours ago)
Yes, it's on his way :)
Limited prints of some of my work. I can draw at a good sized canvas on a Dutch site (3000 x 3000).
Teapot (21 hours ago)
Are you posting and selling the digital work on the website you made recently? Lucky Shultz! That is a stunning picture you're getting. Congrats on your upcoming exhibition. Take photos and put them up on your website, please.
Roytje (17 hours ago)
I put the photos on my facebook page :) my own website has to stay clean.
drawn in 5 hours 54 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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davincipoppalag (2 days 17 hours ago)
Looks like a closeup of engraving in metal
elly (1 day 22 hours ago)
I'm lovin' this one!!
Teapot (21 hours ago)
Great textures and metallic FX.
Kloxboy (16 hours ago)
Your designs are awesome.
drawn in 44 min with Lascaux Sketch
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The_Chosen (7 days ago)
...I think my tablet cord is shorting again...
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The_Chosen (7 days ago)
drawn in 2 hours 39 min
not done...
The_Chosen (6 days ago)
drawn in 5 min
I guess I'm done messing with this now...started out as a doodle/check for my tablet pen & well......this happened
davincipoppalag (6 days ago)
Nice doodle/check!
Teapot (6 days ago)
Do some more doodle/checks! This is great. Really love the eyes.
drawn in 8 hours 30 min with Chibipaint
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
karl (14 days ago)
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pawillie (9 days ago)
beautifully done
Teapot (edited 8 days ago)
Beautiful. I really love how painted this looks. You captured that expression perfectly.
Moosh (8 days ago)
aw very nice. Great job with that.
Wraith (7 days ago)
Good Job Karl! I am looking for a reference image now online so I can contribute.
drawn in 9 hours 21 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
pawillie (14 days ago)
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firecracker (12 days ago)
'Wow'!!! This is excellent!!! I love everything about it.....the snow looks so realistic.....the bison are awesome, and the shadows.....everything looks perfect.....I would frame this and hang it on my wall!!!!!! Beautiful painting 'pawillie'!! :)
pawillie (edited 12 days ago)
Thanks elly, Lori, teapot, and firecracker. And Teapot they are wild boar. I should have stated this because they look like bison in the photo I used
Wraith (7 days ago)
Awesome! Feeling cold just by looking at it.
pawillie (5 days ago)
thanks Wraith
drawn in 4 hours 5 min with Chibipaint
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Roytje (Aug 30, 2014)
I don't draw a lot of flowers. But this one is to celebrate that I've an internet connection in my own new house :)
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davincipoppalag (Aug 31, 2014)
hooray... nice to have that kind of autonomy... Beautiful work Roy
elly (14 days ago)
Congratulations Roy! And your flower is beautifully painted :)
lori (13 days ago)
happy for you :) gorgeous art
Miss_DJ (12 days ago)
love it!!
drawn in 1 hour 47 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
Teapot (Aug 27, 2014)
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Teapot (Aug 28, 2014)
Thanks you guys. I couldn't sleep last night so I worked on this until 3 AM. Looking at it in the daylight, I'm not sure that was such a good idea. ha~ Will put some more time into it when I've finished my cement pouring jobs.
firecracker (Aug 29, 2014)
Very nice!!! :)
lori (13 days ago)
Awesome likeness and work! I really like that color version too!
Wraith (10 days ago)
Love it! Nice job on this one! Robin Williams was THE MAN!
drawn in 3 hours 57 min with Chibipaint
mudbutt (Aug 14, 2014)
Another requested painting for a friend.
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davincipoppalag (Aug 14, 2014)
wolf fight!@
firecracker (Aug 15, 2014)
Very nice!!! :)
mudbutt (Aug 27, 2014)
drawn in 1 min
Cleaning out my studio.
Teapot (Aug 28, 2014)
This looks to me like an illustration in a beautiful children's book. Gorgeous work.
drawn in 4 hours 39 min with Chibipaint
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shults (Aug 25, 2014)
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Teapot (Aug 25, 2014)
good stuff.
davincipoppalag (Aug 25, 2014)
looks beautiful so far
elly (Aug 26, 2014)
Looks great so far!
firecracker (Aug 28, 2014)
This is really beautiful.....I'm anxious to see you finish it!! :)
drawn in 38 min with Chibipaint
itchymonkey (Aug 24, 2014)
4 comments – latest 4:
davincipoppalag (Aug 25, 2014)
an alien brain
Teapot (Aug 26, 2014)
You must have really good vision or really good glasses. So intricate. I always want to get out my magnifying glass. It looks as though it is manifesting into a solid state from...well, you know, Beam me up, Scottie kinda thing.
firecracker (Aug 28, 2014)
Whatever this might be.....I think it's totally cool!! Nice job!! :)
karl (Aug 29, 2014)
drawn in 54 min with Lascaux Sketch
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