return of the idea box
Welcome back to the idea box! There are a whole new slew of words in this version, and more to come the future. To see new random sentences, press reload.
Statistics: 420 dictionary entries, making a total of 4,177,338,193,224 different combinations.

Imagine drawing...
... some hippies sleeping, wielding a sword.
... a tin butterfly being, in the name of cheese.
... a mediocre eagle tossing with a dork.
... a clock ramming into an incredibly blunt banana that's hardly worth looking at.
... a human flying with a sly snake.
... a worthless gamer blundering over a confusing robot.
... a robber saying, "to be or to eat cheese".
... a fat horse handling a transvestite wielding a hairbrush.
... a soccer player pulling a fireman.
... a jigsaw puzzle ramming with a turnip.
... some Korean sushi hurling over a hobby-seeking girl in pitch-darkness.
... a weak squash running without a Brazillian mexican.
... a Mexican horseshoe tossing under can like crazy.
... the man exploding.
... an evil celebrity.
... some armor handling a ping-pong ball.
... a jigsaw puzzle squirting an entire artist with incredible speed.
... a hot guy exciting a grumpy fairy.
... the sneezing man.
... a computer rushing a falling hot dog in a trance.
... a creepy turtle trotting with a headless blouse with a steam roller.
... a hot river freezing.
... a stinky box jumping under a thirsty turtle with a sledge hammer.
... a serial killer tossing on a tall turnip.
... a jigsaw puzzle exploding.
... a creep marrying a smiling soccerball while sleepwalking.
... a fancy tooth zapping a retarded fire with a car.
... a golf ball trotting into a mediocre robber armed with a bowling ball.
... a thirsty singer diving on a tall ping-pong ball.
... a freaky bowling ball killing a horseshoe in the name of all things good.
... a clown fish tossing into an idiotic tooth under water.
... a wall tossing on a tree.
... a tail-less wall saying, "I AM TEH BEST".
... an English singer pulling the genius world in the name of all things good.
... a hunky celebrity exciting a fruitless girl.
... a hunky tin can squashing a flower.
... some hippies falling around a frog.
... a short stout cheeseball pulling the hobby-seeking pope wielding a sword.
... a terrorist ramming over a sorry toilet.
... a drunken beat leaping under a squash.
... a robot saying, "is it hot in here?".
... a creepy dictionary hacking a dreaming cliff at lightning speeds.
... a stinky ping-pong table saying, "is it hot in here?", with a friend.
... a tree questioning a Japanese hot dog slyly.
... a polka-dotted fairy flying with a small slide.
... a trampoline dreaming.
... some polka-dotted wine falling on a small cliff while drawing.
... a literal beat dicing a fancy tree.
... a stupid game galloping over some monumental root beer wielding a hairbrush.
... a cliff.
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