return of the idea box
Welcome back to the idea box! There are a whole new slew of words in this version, and more to come the future. To see new random sentences, press reload.
Statistics: 420 dictionary entries, making a total of 4,177,338,193,224 different combinations.

Imagine drawing...
... some water slashing into a dreaming slide.
... a toilet squashing a weak princess graphically.
... a Korean fire sneezing.
... a freaky republican galloping around a mediocre programmer madly.
... a farting cheese saying, "would you like fries with that?".
... a drunk hamster.
... some stinky green chile freezing.
... a plant slashing on a snake against all that is wrong in the world.
... a strong slide thinking.
... a dead tooth rushing a thinking jerk au naturel.
... an incredibly funny dictionary chasing an entire tin can metephorically.
... a bloated ping-pong table saying, "to be or not to be", for "Justice".
... a frog hurling without a glorious fairy wielding a rolling pin.
... a green cause.
... an incredibly funny leader grabbing a shoe carefully.
... a headless programmer.
... a short stout cat squishing a robber.
... the incredibly blunt pope galloping on a thirsty house graphically.
... a frowning flower saying, "is it hot in here?".
... a miniscule celebrity saying, "all your base are belong to us".
... a solemn toilet saying, "I AM TEH BEST", wielding a sword.
... a cliff flying around a jigsaw puzzle in the name of all things evil.
... a Spanish hot dog.
... an entire guy socking a grinning beat in the name of cheese.
... some thirsty wine saying, "to be or to eat cheese", in the name of justice.
... the American world pushing a chicken with confidence.
... a famous opera singer sneezing, with incredible speed.
... an unfortunate dinosaur crushing a spirally hippy while throwing up.
... a cold leader smacking an excellent butterfly.
... a farting girl slashing around a polka-dotted swing against all that is wrong in the world.
... a criminal freezing, in the name of cheese.
... an incredibly blunt human saying, "to be or to eat cheese", with incredible strength.
... some marbles saying, "would you like fries with that?", while dreaming.
... the pope exploding.
... a glow-in-the-dark tooth dreaming.
... an incredibly funny flounder saying, "to be or to eat cheese".
... a mouth-watering jerk addressing a pumpkin.
... a turtle crying, with a friend.
... a radioactive slide smashing a stupid stream.
... a Mexican swing saying, "eat fish!".
... an ewok saying, "all your base are belong to us", in the name of all things evil.
... a black communist traveling into a glow-in-the-dark fire wielding a sword.
... a pumpkin blundering under a frowning ping-pong ball.
... a pizza galloping into a democrat literally.
... a short stout programmer dicing an exhausted clown.
... some big green sushi.
... a German game running under a ping-pong table.
... the weak stars sailing through a beat.
... a cello dreaming, against all that is wrong in the world.
... a warm stone dreaming, on something.
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