return of the idea box
Welcome back to the idea box! There are a whole new slew of words in this version, and more to come the future. To see new random sentences, press reload.
Statistics: 420 dictionary entries, making a total of 4,177,338,193,224 different combinations.

Imagine drawing...
... a drunken bowling ball saying, "all your base are belong to us", graphically.
... some silly beer saying, "to be or not to be", armed with a bowling ball.
... a bloated flounder saying, "would you like fries with that?".
... a crying serial killer freezing, while dreaming.
... a drunken bear ramming around a nose-less game literally.
... a small spider zapping a white spider with a steam roller.
... a clock.
... a spider.
... a horseman matching a fireman.
... a chimp sneezing, with a knife.
... an unfortunate dictionary falling around a stinky sharp blunt object.
... an entire hippy saying, "to be or not to be", while drawing.
... a magnet smashing a polka-dotted fire wielding a rolling pin.
... a sly slice of cheese flying into a grinning soccer player with one thought in mind.
... some stinky green chile marrying a hot horseshoe literally.
... a gamer burning a mugger.
... a glorious beat hacking a fire with a knife.
... a French tin can hurling without a humorous rock.
... a warm beat falling over an empty princess.
... a football.
... a serial killer saying, "to be or to eat cheese", with a friend.
... a celebrity questioning a rugged cat.
... a tail-less hot dog dreaming, with a knife.
... a drunk blouse traveling around a house.
... a train smashing a criminal.
... a house mishandling a blouse with a car.
... some funky water trotting into a rogue hamster under water.
... an energetic boat kissing a silver squash armed with a bowling ball.
... a sly horseman killing an elite ping-pong ball.
... a rogue cheese questioning a humorous fairy.
... a fat republican rushing a warm pizza.
... a terrible human saying, "I AM TEH BEST", with a knife.
... a dictionary crushing an academic computer with a temper.
... a butterfly questioning an American pig literally.
... a cliff slashing through a Thai mouse wielding a rolling pin.
... a worthless jigsaw puzzle blundering over a stone au naturel.
... a snake dreaming, with confidence.
... a fruitless pizza.
... a short stout horse.
... a creepy turtle sleeping, carefully.
... a frowning fairy.
... some retarded water skimming with a smiling turnip madly.
... a hobby-seeking ball swimming with a creepy shoe with a knife.
... a small cheeseball being, wielding a hairbrush.
... an energetic rock star crying.
... a clown fish crashing under a radioactive pyromaniac with a friend.
... a cliff leaping over a small trampoline au naturel.
... a definitely dead mouse scratching a funky soccerball.
... a sly billiard ball pushing a huge rock for "Freedom".
... an energetic dork thinking.
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