return of the idea box
Welcome back to the idea box! There are a whole new slew of words in this version, and more to come the future. To see new random sentences, press reload.
Statistics: 420 dictionary entries, making a total of 4,177,338,193,224 different combinations.

Imagine drawing...
... a grumpy billiard ball spitting on a silly creep.
... an English tooth traveling with a person on something.
... a French snake.
... a transvestite dicing an artist.
... a dead transvestite spitting on a red pizza with a knife.
... a weak hippy crying.
... an angelic trampoline freezing a dictionary literally.
... a ping-pong table galloping without an elite tin can wielding a hairbrush.
... a mouse exiting, in the name of justice.
... a literal soccer player saying, "is it hot in here?", at lightning speeds.
... an ape jumping without a sharp shoe happily.
... a butterfly sailing on a snake at lightning speeds.
... a yellow soccer player smashing an incredibly dull guy.
... a sleeping horseman saying, "is it hot in here?", graphically.
... a modest clown.
... a house diving under a silver cheese in the name of all things good.
... a yellow rock saying, "to be or to eat cheese".
... a modest clown fish smacking a flying house while throwing up.
... a freaking billiard ball traveling without an Italian pez-dispenser.
... a tired girl questioning a short stout robot.
... a small car crying.
... a mouth-watering democrat trotting around an incredible box.
... an exhausted hamster falling under a plaid banana wielding a rolling pin.
... an incredibly funny golf ball pushing an empty clown wielding a rolling pin.
... a humorous horse hurling through an insane cello that's hardly worth looking at.
... a literal house squirting a black pez-dispenser.
... an incredibly unfunny flower tickling a termite.
... an unfortunate ping-pong ball falling through a cute mouse like crazy.
... a genius shoe skipping without a toilet on something.
... a creepy toilet jumping over a spirally cheese au naturel.
... some Thai beer saying, "is it hot in here?".
... a dinosaur smacking some cereal.
... a pizza matching a French horseman with a rabbit.
... a terrific maniac.
... a funky clock swimming around a tin cheeseball.
... an incredible car slicing a tree.
... some tail-less cereal.
... an enormous idiot burning a big green slice of cheese.
... a stinky box burning a studly gamer.
... a musical instrument sleeping.
... a clown fish saying, "all your base are belong to us", on a bike.
... the hot pope chasing a cello.
... a confident person.
... an insane frog slashing without a cute horseman.
... an unfortunate plant exciting a toilet.
... an incredibly funny clown fish saying, "all your base are belong to us", for "Justice".
... a rogue fire grabbing an intense snake with a car.
... computer skipping around some cute beer in the name of all things good.
... a famous communist catching a warm president that's hardly worth looking at.
... a wonderful golf ball crushing a spirally snake metephorically.
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