return of the idea box
Welcome back to the idea box! There are a whole new slew of words in this version, and more to come the future. To see new random sentences, press reload.
Statistics: 420 dictionary entries, making a total of 4,177,338,193,224 different combinations.

Imagine drawing...
... an exciting opera singer crashing under a soccer player.
... a sly computer.
... a mediocre ape saying, "to be or not to be".
... some root beer.
... a football saying, "to be or not to be".
... a slice of cheese skipping around a purple jerk.
... a confusing mexican saying, "would you like fries with that?", wielding a hairbrush.
... a criminal squirting an exhausted beat.
... a scary mugger skipping through a flower.
... a striped frog skipping into a blouse with incredible strength.
... a golf ball saying, "would you like fries with that?".
... some thirsty cereal dicing a scary fairy with a sledge hammer.
... a cause saying, "is it hot in here?", slyly.
... the man saying, "to be or not to be", with confidence.
... some tasty water questioning a cause.
... a ninja taking off a celebrity with a jigsaw puzzle.
... a short stud flying into a crying dinosaur.
... a sharp democrat leaping into a dictionary.
... a Spanish robber swimming without a robot.
... a rogue wall sleeping.
... a glow-in-the-dark ping-pong ball dreaming.
... a princess socking a cartoon character happily.
... a car slashing over a nose-less shoe with confidence.
... some Brazillian cereal crying.
... a dork blundering under some wine.
... a monumental bear scratching a humorous soccer player under water.
... the spirally devil chasing a rogue plant while sleepwalking.
... an idiot burning some cereal.
... a Brazillian spider saying, "would you like fries with that?".
... a repulsive chimp exploding.
... an unclad terrorist leaping around an exciting spider in circles.
... a clown fish jumping under a turtle that's hardly worth looking at.
... a red clock exiting.
... a hot terrorist saying, "to be or to eat cheese", with a steam roller.
... a thinking golf ball skipping under an incredible dictionary with a rabbit.
... an excellent mugger thinking.
... a crying house wearing a box.
... a cheesy wall leaping with a hamster.
... a car skipping into some drunken beer.
... a black ape sailing over a mouth-watering squirrel wielding a hairbrush.
... a Mexican jigsaw puzzle saying, "is it hot in here?".
... a sneezing bowling ball crashing over a dreaming artist.
... a green flounder saying, "all your base are belong to us", metephorically.
... some incredible root beer sleeping, for "Justice".
... an evil boat saying, "to be or not to be".
... a hunky hippy sneezing, at lightning speeds.
... an insane horse crashing without a hobby-seeking tin can at lightning speeds.
... a tin can freezing.
... a freaking wall.
... a tasty stream saying, "to be or to eat cheese", armed with a bowling ball.
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