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Roytje (Apr 21, 2013)
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lori (Apr 22, 2013)
I love the way you've done this man's face.. very interesting face.. and I also love how you incorporate so many different colors and it all works so well together
Wraith (edited Apr 22, 2013)
Sorry maybe this is where I went wrong :

"Dutch - is a West Germanic language and the native language of most of the population of the Netherlands" -wiki

I've been to Amsterdam. Althought I thought it was part of Germany. Guess I'll refer to the bands as "European" My bad
enjoydotcom (Apr 22, 2013)
Dutch is a West Germanic Language, but to think that Amsterdam is in Germany is just too funny to me. We sing 'Am I of German blood' and the languages are quite similar but nah, I don't like being called German ;).
Wraith (Apr 22, 2013)
LOL! Sorry I was drunk going to and from Amsterdam.( Don't worry I rode the Bus) My school system was not so great, so I have a hard time with Geography.

Amsterdam, and Holland were amazing places to see. Totally different worlds. At the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam, Marijuana was on the main menu, but no one was smoking it. Everyone was drinking beer. They should legalize it here in the USA that way it will not be such a big deal.

Yeah I guess it was stupid of me. It would be like you saying I'm mexican, even though I am American.

Anyways, great picture Roytje!
drawn in 1 hour 13 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Jun 8, 2010)
I got pretty frustrated with this one....working from a black and white photo...I decided to take it to another program and desaturate it and it looks MUCH better that way! It's time to put it away for a little while tho....
Thanks for lookin'!

Edit/update: This is an old drawing and one of my least fav pieces...not really finished either and likely will never be.... but I'm tired of having it take up space in my WIP folder so I'm marking it up as finished and movin' is too short!!
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elly (Apr 20, 2013)
Wow thanks dorothy! He's always looked sort of 'ghostly' to me which I'm guessing came from me trying to guess his true coloring using a black n white ref photo...when I take the color out, it's much better! appreciate y'all's comments!
Pantera (Apr 20, 2013)
Love his eyes, he looks so adorable, awesome job :)
Wraith (Apr 21, 2013)
Beautiful picture Elly! Wow 20 hours spent! Sorry was going to reply sooner, don't know why I didn't.
firecracker (Apr 29, 2013)
Very beautiful!! :)
drawn in 20 hours with Chibipaint
karl (Apr 8, 2013)
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davincipoppalag (Apr 8, 2013)
nice work
Wraith (Apr 12, 2013)
Pretty cool karl! Why won't Oekaki work for me? Maybe my Bamboo tablet is too new for Oekaki?
davincipoppalag (Apr 12, 2013)
shouldn't be.. try uninstalling java and reinstalling a new edition
karl (Apr 12, 2013)
or try reverting your java to an older version. i did this and was able to start drawing again, on a mac reverting from java 7 to 6. heres the link if you are on a mac also
drawn in 3 hours 25 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Roytje (Mar 3, 2013)
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davincipoppalag (Mar 4, 2013)
a three in one! Great
dorothyblueeyes (Mar 8, 2013)
Yep, he's good; you are! All three! Great style, too.
Suntan (Apr 2, 2013)
lovely, Roytje. Beautiful light.
Wraith (Apr 2, 2013)
drawn in 6 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
dorothyblueeyes (Mar 11, 2013)
I think its finished; l might come back to it) but don't want to wreck it. l learned more about how this software works.
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dorothyblueeyes (edited Mar 25, 2013)
yeah, guys, it does, doesn't it? Sorry, Pawille; would bracing it with your left hand, help it? I've had to do that, get some it won't shake so much.I even practice with the left, in case the right goes Pooh someday. (They said Monet had his paint-brush tied to his hand, at the end, so he kept painting,)

one of the EphRON sisters just died, you know, the writers? One of them wrote this great essay, on turning 60 to 65, and she told how her life-long friend got a lump on her tonque, or throat, and she was dead in a year.

It was in" Vogue magazine ". it was A great article, and she told the reality, of being 60 yrs. old: reality! no sugar-coating the subject. that was the best, realistic true piece I've ever read on the subject. and it. was in a fashion magazine. (it was a couple years ago,l can look it up; wish I could upload might be online under "Vogue articles," or "Nora EphRon; or just Ephron sisters".

But that article really was honest-and excellent writing, (my-therapist had the best line: "Old age is not for sissys",}I hope you. both feel, and get better, no matter what it is. l could tell you real stories, of people .| Know, who doctors expected to die, years ago, and they're still alive and kicking. I guess doctors don't know everything.:)
lori (edited Mar 26, 2013)
Dot I am ok just going through a lot now. My comma doesn't work on my keyboard so don't mind run-on sentences... My father had a total knee replacement and is in a hospital bed in our family room here.. he wanted to recover at home and it's been a lot of work for me along with my son who may be sick today.. well as of last night it's up/down up/down the stairs and off my ass... I ran out of pain meds about four days ago and the leg and back really started hurtin again from all I'm doing (taking care of my dog who's having seizures and 3 cats as well) anyway.. went to the dr. last night and he said I need to start thinking about having an operation since I can't handle doing that much anymore without pain... and showed me how much my vertebrae had moved within my spine and recommended an operation... what is next.. I mean c'mon!
pawillie (Mar 28, 2013)
thanks dorothy, looks like a lot of us are going through a hard time, I am trying different methods to control my right hand and am working on another drawing and it is taking a long time but I will see if I can finish it. Lori, I had severe back problems as well but waited to long to have surgery so it took 9 hours in the operating room and I ended up with multiple complications ans almost died 4 times and now I cant walk. I should have had it done sooner
firecracker (Apr 29, 2013)
This is really cool.....I like it!! :)
drawn in 5 hours 18 min with Chibipaint
Roytje (Mar 23, 2013)
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Wraith (edited Mar 23, 2013)
Definitely NOT Natalie Portman. I should know, I'm an expert at what Natalie Portman Looks like. ;P

But anyways, good drawing Roytje. As always.
Teapot (edited Mar 23, 2013)
Well, EXCUSE me! I still think it looks a LOT like her as in the picture linked below.

Natalie when she's not grinning

I just noticed...she has elf ears!
dorothyblueeyes (Mar 25, 2013)
the skin, flesh is wonderfully glowing, and fresh , and contrasted well with the dark shading. such good use of paint and color! :)
Miss_DJ (Mar 26, 2013)
drawn in 1 hour 29 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Vinet (Mar 17, 2013)
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lori (Mar 22, 2013)
you really do some great stuff
Vinet (Mar 22, 2013)
Karl has it right, it's Kvitrafn from black metal bands Gorgoroth and Jotunspor.
TheCrimsonKing (Mar 22, 2013)
letting the hate flow through.
firecracker (Apr 29, 2013)
This is so cool.....luv it!! :)
drawn in 7 hours 2 min with Lascaux Sketch
Vinet (Mar 16, 2013)
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Vinet (Mar 21, 2013)
drawn in 31 min
Reference used.
backmagicwoman (Mar 21, 2013)
Yes yes.. this is very nice..
davincipoppalag (Mar 22, 2013)
interesting so far
drawn in 2 hours 44 min with Lascaux Sketch
TRIP (Mar 20, 2013)
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Wraith (Mar 23, 2013)
Wow did you make those other ones on the links you posted? Those are Awesome!
enjoydotcom (Mar 23, 2013)
Trip IS awesome.
TRIP (Mar 23, 2013)
yes I did :] They were both painted in PainttoolSAI with added photoshop color correction/tweaks.

thanks everyone again!
firecracker (Apr 29, 2013)
"LOL"!! This is sooo cool!! Luv it!! :)
drawn in 33 min with Lascaux Sketch
davincipoppalag (Mar 16, 2013)
Haven't done a lighthouse for awhile
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lolijn (Mar 17, 2013)
Wow, i love it!
davincipoppalag (Mar 18, 2013)
thanks lolijn
Miss_DJ (Mar 18, 2013)
very nice work Dave Pop!
davincipoppalag (Mar 19, 2013)
thanks Donna
drawn in 1 hour 23 min with Lascaux Sketch
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