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tutorials. (Pinned)
42 replies
dorothyblueeyes (Mar 17, 2012)
maybe if the site were moderated, and maintained, we would not go without anti-spamming systems. But...
Legalizing Art Theft (Pinned)
92 replies
dorothyblueeyes (Dec 12, 2009)
OK, I have this legal paperback for the commercial artist; its the COPYING DEVICES that have messed ...
ok somebody tell me what the problem is
16 replies
davincipoppalag (1 day 4 hours ago)
go away inburglyma spammer
Why aren't the drawing tools working, the java isn't working!
2 replies
Suntan (Sep 16, 2015)
wish i could draw more
Just beginning with Lascaux sketch
20 replies
davincipoppalag (Jun 28, 2015)
thanks rick..nice to know it won't work on Venus either
how do i draw
1 reply
Axil62 (Mar 20, 2015)
No, you're stupid.
how do i draw
0 replies
olg (Mar 18, 2015)
Need Ideas. If any.
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Wraith (Apr 29, 2014)
strange painting
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dorothyblueeyes (Apr 6, 2014)
4 replies
dorothyblueeyes (Jan 12, 2014)
too much legal-tech information, true. I realize I went into the WRONG FIELD,early in life.I wo...
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dorothyblueeyes (Jan 12, 2014)
Wacom Bamboo sale is big fake!
1 reply
backmagicwoman (Aug 30, 2013)
If you guys want a good wacom tablet ...just go to EBAY..look for the graphire ones..bamboo sucks.
Want To Learn
9 replies
Wraith (Aug 27, 2013)
What Dr.Moony said. Just be persistent. I bet I could come up with nice drawings if I stayed persist...
2 replies
dorothyblueeyes (Jul 10, 2013)
ok, thanks for the advice. no, all stuff like that is made mostly in CHINA NOW, even Japanese brands...
I have several thin pieces of cardboard probably 4x6 inches....
2 replies
karl (Jun 19, 2013)
make stencils and spraypaint a logo all over your town
My non digital work
58 replies
Roytje (Jun 12, 2013)
I'm going to sell these prints in limited edition of ten :)
2 Drawing apps I made for android :)
4 replies
backmagicwoman (Mar 28, 2013)
I got the same message for sky draw.
Rebuilding or Building art skills?
6 replies
Wraith (Jan 24, 2013)
This great artist once told me... He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. Everyday since, ...
Harmony Drawing App
4 replies
enjoydotcom (Jul 17, 2012)
And it works on the iPad. :D
4 replies
jasongratt (Jun 28, 2012)
nice creation
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