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marcello (edited Aug 31, 2002)
There appear to be some problems related to the 2draw database, causing errors with certain queries...
I'm not sure the extent of the problems. In case you don't already, I highly recommend taking a screen shot of any oekaki before submitting. This essentially applies to any oekaki, because you never know when problems will pop up out of your control.

I'll keep this updated once I find out any more information. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you!


Ok it appears everything has been fixed and is back to normal. I apologize again for anyone who wasn't able to get to the site or view it properly during that past 15 hours or so.
OtaruIkari (edited Sep 21, 2002)
I had that problem too some database error on the large board, it did not save the drawing but it appears when I try to draw it keeps telling me I am only entitled to 1 drawing per day thing and it is already been a day... just so weird.
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