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drawn in 1 hour 37 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
GoldDragonfly (Jun 22, 2008)
ahh well... i drew once a Dark Chibi (in RMD) and they asked me to draw the oposite x) here it is!
GoldDragonfly (Jun 22, 2008)
drawn in 1 hour 37 min
bball4eva999 (Jun 22, 2008)
tee hee goldie :DDDDD i havent heard from u since u left rmd D: well great draw shes cute :]
Sweetcell (Jun 22, 2008)
You've been quite busy haven't you. She's a sweet chibi. Just one thing, and it's only a suggestion please take that way, the lines are a bit sketchy, especially around the eyes, and take away from the softness a bit. If you went back over them with the airbrush or the blur it would look, well softer. Again, just a suggestion.
GoldDragonfly (Jun 22, 2008)
thx so much for your comments! and your suggestions ;)
illusionone (Jun 22, 2008)
sooooooo pretty! u were always so good at chibis on rmd X)
Roxana1890 (Jun 22, 2008)
so cute :3
WeaponsMan (Jun 22, 2008)
So very cute. It has a feel of seraphic tranquillity.
byakugan24 (Jun 22, 2008)
mingu (Jun 22, 2008)
eeeee! X) that's the perfect counterpart for your dark chibi
DorsY69 (Jun 23, 2008)
Very cute Gold ;) where do you take your time to draw??!
GoldDragonfly (Jun 23, 2008)
i dont sleep.... -_-...... THX so much guys for all your comments! ^^
YTUJ (Jun 23, 2008)
Aakyra (Jun 24, 2008)
Oooooohhhhh .... this is so cute! Lovely work!
klm21 (Jun 24, 2008)
wonderfull drawing so cute!!!
Rockn_Artistxx (Jun 24, 2008)
awww so cute!xD
ichigokurosaki (Jul 28, 2008)
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