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Kairily (Mar 24, 2008)
So heres the deal: I want a tablet. I've tried mousing my way through things but it just doesn't cut it and quality goes pffftllthst. I pretty much need a way to get my designs to translate into digital media, and I'm fairly useful with a pencil thus making a tablet a great opportunity for me since my courses I will be taking in the fall will require me to submit my designs via computer, and scanners and dig cams are not that great for me.

Enough rambling though, here is my question: Which, in your opinion, would be the best tablet to get, the best vs cost, and approximate price ranges of said tablets. I'm likely going to have a macbook, so I'm not sure if they are compatable or not so I'd also like some advice on that. I'll research it further after I get some more advice since no one who lives near me really knows anything about this sort of thing.

If you are wondering what type of courses I'm taking, its fashion design. The majority of my projects won't require the tablet, but I really do want it so I can just get all my ideas out, without worrying about losing them somewhere amidst my trashy room.
method3 (Mar 24, 2008)
Wacom is the way to go, I'm not sure any other company has come close to them. Their new low-end line is called Bamboo, the next step up is Intuos. The main difference is the sensitivity and resolution that you get on the pad, then from each line they have various sizes. They all work with Windows or OSX.

As far as price goes, it's exponential with the size of the tablet. Bamboo apparently starts at $80, you might be able to get stuff off ebay or some other retailer (e.g. Amazon) for better prices. I don't think size is too important though, small still works and is still better than a mouse (probably).
marcello (Mar 24, 2008)
I second the Wacom recommendation (I've had a 4x5 wacom, a 6x8 intuos2, and have used vince's 9x12 intuos2). I personally prefer 6x8 over the other sizes (smaller or larger--partly for portability reasons), but I think the best balance will depend on your personal preference. However, I'm using a Tablet PC now, though, so perhaps my opinion doesn't count anymore. ;-)

Also, if you end up buying one through Amazon, there's a way to have like 4% of the price go to 2draw, if you are interested.
Leonardo_DaBitchy (edited Mar 24, 2008)
I third that recommendation. Just like Marcello, I've had a 4 x 5 Graphire 1 tablet and is now using a 6 x 8 intuos 3 which is I am very happy to say have met all my expectations and more in terms of sensitivity. Nothing like a nice computer pen that's almost as good as holding and using a pencil on a tablet. It's kinda pricey but Wacom is still the very best in the business. Be nice to go for Wacom's top of the line, the Cintiq but that is for a real upgrade I guess when your livelyhood depends on your drawings or designs. Amazon could give you a good deal, but Ebay gives you more choices especially some people that has upgraded to a Cintiq and who just want to sell their Intuos. I would also try the small computer stores. I got a little bit of break on mine because I'd upgraded my computer and I had included the tablet as part of the deal. I am not sure about how good Bamboo is but I can't imagine being a lot better than the old Graphire 1 that I had. Personally to me, I think the selling point for me was the sensitivity and as an artist you yourself can appreciate that once you've tried working your strokes through the Wacom pen.
spyra (Mar 24, 2008)
I got my tablet (wacom intuos2 6x8) when I asked around and heard that they were the best. Since then, Wacom's the only brand that's still recommended. I've been using it (on n' off... heh) since 2001 and it's still working in top condition. That's all I've got to say about that. :) Good luck with your hunt!
Xina54 (Mar 25, 2008)
I have the Wacom Bamboo - it's extremely reasonable and I wouldn't be without it. I use a Mac so no problem there . . .
Kairily (Mar 25, 2008)
Thank you guys, an infinite amount seriously. Portability will definately be important since I'll likely be wanting to carry it around with me since I'll be carrying around my macbook. I figure I'll spring for a top of the line macbook, and probably go with a wacom intuos2 6x8 instead of top of the line. The most important thing is that I have a computer though. I'll check out amazon and ebay, as well as local stores since if I can get a deal on it by buying it at the same time as the macbook.

I'll post back here if I have anymore questions, and if you all have any more info it would be appreciated as well.
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