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Dr.Moony (edited Feb 13, 2011)
I started a project called "Doodler"...

DoOp posted a link to posemaniacs, a website where you have 30 seconds to draw an human gesture.
I liked this idea a lot and thought it would be even better if you could use different images. For example: old people, bees, climbing people, cars....

So I created my own version of this application which uses images from Flickr(one of the largest photo-communities):

Doodler - just doodle what is shown


some example tags:
parkour, sport, activity, pose, model, volleyball, dancing, breakdance, female body
-> just experiment a bit with tags to find images of the things you want to scribble.

You can search for pretty much anything you want to and are able to set your own time limit and the amount of images.
caution: the more images, the longer it has to preload them ... be patient ;) I will hopefully make it faster in the next days.
Also if there is a image you don't like, just click on skip. It's likely that you have to use this option because not every image on flickr serves our purpose.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Found a bug? I am eager to read your comments.
A feature I'm planning is image-sets, where users can create a set of images which are particular good as reference material. So using this feature you wouldn't be disrupted with bad images anymore.

Have Fun!
spyra (Mar 24, 2008)
Wow, this is a great idea. I'll give it a shot one of these days. :) It'll be really helpful with improving on speed painting (but 1 min limit?? lol) and gesture drawing.
mooki (Mar 26, 2008)
this is really cool man
yeah one minute seems about right.
lilnebo (Apr 21, 2008)
aweasssssoooommmme!!!! great work on this 5 stars
HunterKiller_ (Apr 23, 2008)
Excellent idea!

It will take some polishing up on the design, tidying things up and optimizing the images, and this could turn out to be a fantastic application.

We could setup a mini community for this, people contributing with their own photos.
Dr.Moony (edited Apr 24, 2008)
Thanks for the feedback.
Optimizing images for the searchmode is not easy because people on flickr don't always tag correctly or submit usable images. Sometimes you have to play with the searchtags to get what you want and skip a few images but you still have access to millions of images.

I will probably implement sometime soon the possibility to search for particular users and groups on flickr, so you will have more control of what is shown to you.
By the way you can already contribute own photos. Simply upload images to flickr. You could give them special tags like "doodler" so that you and others can find them. Nevertheless I will keep the idea of a mini community in mind :)
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