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drawn in 24 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Anatomic_Chromaticism (Mar 8, 2008)
A scribble I did in five minutes.
Meant to illustrate the stupidity of the MF for ignoring my NSBM threads, and how the GD is a used condum filled with a mix of l33t fags and prommies.
There I am (O HAY ITS GRAMPS), the grand pubah of the faggotry taking place.
This is my first app drawing, an while I'm a very talented sketch artist, I find myself struggling with other media :|
Anatomic_Chromaticism (Mar 8, 2008)
drawn in 24 min
Sweetcell (Mar 8, 2008)
Um..... wut?

First off, welcome. If your just doodling or getting used to the appelet's you don't need to send.
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