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drawn in 11 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
cookie913 (Dec 29, 2007)
i want to sneak out
and watch a full moon over the bay sometime
maybe one day i will
comment and advice are greatly appreciated
cookie913 (Dec 29, 2007)
drawn in 11 min
xwindflyer (Dec 30, 2007)
I might be wrong, but I think the reflection on the water is backward. Something about it is just not right. I think it should diminish as it goes away from the viewer.
cookie913 (Dec 30, 2007)
i think that would be if the moon was behin you...
Chikankei (Jan 1, 2008)
No, the ligth would go like this, I think.
why do you make so many blury things?
cookie913 (Jan 1, 2008)
i dont meant to
its just that i use water colors
and it always just kinda turns out blurrd i guess
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