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drawn in 20 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Alicia (Oct 30, 2007)
I just went to my user board and found out my all my art has been mutilated and changed. The bright color choices were muted. The art is no longer mine. How could someone change images . I worked hours on them with a mouse. I don't have a drawing board so it is much harder to make images the quality I'd like. Freehand drawing and painting is easier. It comes more natural.
Alicia (Oct 30, 2007)
drawn in 20 min
Sweetcell (Oct 31, 2007)
Alicia, no-one can redraw on your piece unless it's a collab. You have to give them access to your pics. Maybe it's just your monitor is darker. Try adjusting the brightness.
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