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drawn in 16 min with PaintBBS
Podunkian (Aug 17, 2002)
I can't seem to color decently, so here's a pic I drew quickly (well, sort of, I was actually drawing this on and off trying to avoid being caught by my parents drawing girls :X). If I have time I'll edit this and add some color. Oh yeah, the animation shows how crap of an artist I am :P. I like to draw hard with my pencils and it sort of shows cuz I don't use layers and because I add stuff and change them later :P
Podunkian (Aug 17, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
Five (edited Aug 18, 2002)
I like it. And there's nothing bad about black and white. Personally I often prefer pictures with only a limited range of colors.
kaT (edited Aug 18, 2002)
why would your parents care if you draw girls
Podunkian (edited Aug 18, 2002)
Because my parents are facsists. Not really, but when they see girls on my computer in any form they get all pansy :P.

Anyway, here's a colored version:
darkk_angel (edited Mar 31, 2003)
very nice side view!
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