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100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 9 min with Lascaux Sketch
artguy79 (Jun 4, 2007)
it's red
artguy79 (Jun 4, 2007)
drawn in 9 min
Cameo (Jun 5, 2007)
THIS is extreme? It very nice anyway!
doodledaniel (edited Jun 5, 2007)
why is this extreme? well, its nice anyway ^__^
Axil62 (Jun 5, 2007)
I like this a little.
Sweetcell (Jun 5, 2007)
Extreme heat maybe?

Nice oil painted look you have going here. I love those colors combined.
I think I'd like this simply framed and hung on my wall.
artguy79 (Jun 5, 2007)
lol i couldn't figure what you were talking about until i noticed i put it on extreme setting not everyone oops! thanks for the replies.
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