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drawn in 1 hour 6 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Zack (May 6, 2007) — edit
More practice without ref. Seems to be improving! :)

edit: kinda looks like that face you make when you're about to burst out laughing. heh.
Zack (May 6, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 6 min
KuteDymples (May 6, 2007)
I feel drawn to him for some reason. He looks sad, but in a way he looks like he is thinking about a nice memory, and feeling kind of a reminicence about something that was very nice and wishing he was there again. The green I am drawn to because it is my favorite color, but the tones and shadows are so good in this. I love the brush strokes that are visible. To believe you did this without a reference even makes it so much better to me. I can't draw one thing without a reference. Especially something as detailed as this green guy's face. In my opinion this is very good. But all knows, I am not one of the best artists on this site. I do know what I like though.
Zack (May 6, 2007)
What a thoughtful comment! I'm glad you like it. :) To be honest, I feel kind of guilty since I'm basically ganking Klox's style here, but it makes for great practice in anatomy and lighting.
HunterKiller_ (May 6, 2007)
This guy looks exactly like Atlas the mythical god from the 'Myth Men' book.
Superb improvement from the last one.
davincipoppalag (May 6, 2007)
You got great emotion into this face Zack..wonderful work
JK-Arts (May 7, 2007)
Long time dude.... nice picture. where you been.
Zack (edited May 7, 2007)
Working, mostly. Got a job as a level designer for a nearby videogame company. Decided I don't really like being a level designer so I'm trying to boost up my art skills to make the switch to being more of a concept artist.
JK-Arts (May 7, 2007)
Thats awsome dude!!
SneakyWalter (May 10, 2007)
Kinda looks like a bald you.
Aubrey (May 12, 2007)
Nice face on the guy, with the green it could be he's cutting an onion too. His eyes kind of have that chemical burn look to them that only onions can give.
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