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Solipsist (May 1, 2007)

With this picture the art-technology-philosophy group kunst/gruppe olga wants to explore the actual power of conformism in modern art and to enable the viewer to get an idea of the creation of interdisciplinary art work (eating & painting). This is a political statement against Neoconservativism and the fragmentation of our society. Here kunst/gruppe olga represents a radical point of view: art is anything - anything is art.
Axil62 (May 1, 2007)
well then some "art" is worthless crap.
Yugo (edited May 1, 2007)
I may not be able to draw, but if I can draw a happy face on a paper plate, call it neo-something or other, and make money, then I'm fucking set for life. A paper plate does not represent the "fragmentation of our society." A picture of a grenade does a better job than that.
A paper plate is also not philosophical in any sense. "Hmm, this paper plate is like life in" NOTHING. A paper plate does not represent life in any way. It contains food, and it is made of paper. And if a paper plate is "art-technology" then I'm gonna shit a brick. THIS PAPER PLATE IS A STATEMENT ABOUT POLITICS! And then we have this dude in a skull mask disco-ing in front of the paper plates in question. Holy crap, this is worse than the 60's. Okay. I'm done. That's retarded. How is Neoconservatism a bad thing? I like tax cuts. I hope you do too. And apparently having a strong government is bad. I mean counterculture is really defined by what normal culture is, and normal culture is relative, so counterculture is also relative. So I guess supporting the religious right and being against the "counterculture" (you), is bad, because it's against you. And the religious right is generally stupid. Whatever, this is not art, take it somewhere else, like Hell.

Noremac (May 1, 2007)
for cereal, kids... this crap is pretty much that.

No honed skill
No will to try harder, or improve.
No art.

Solipsist (May 1, 2007)
What if you do not understand their work? The pictures of kunst/gruppe olga are not intended to represent things, but formulas of things.
Yugo (May 1, 2007)
I don't have to understand it. It's not art. It's fucking stupid.
Sweetcell (May 1, 2007)
Oh no, your back? Do you NOT have anything better to do than troll this board? If your so gung ho about these so called fuckin artists (and I say that in the loosest terms possible) then go buy all their crap, wait till they die, cash them in if they actually end up being worth something, THEN come say you told us so, until then please stop spreading this shit on our computer screens.

Dozens of topics and not one fuckin picture. Jesus you are a pill.
HunterKiller_ (May 1, 2007)
Ugh, not more of this shit.
Zack (edited May 1, 2007)
No, not just anything is art.

edit: Locked the thread. Feel free to make a non-promotional thread exploring the nature and bounds of art, but nothing more really needs to be said about this thing here.
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