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drawn in 4 hours 44 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
elly (Apr 19, 2007)
elly (Apr 19, 2007)
drawn in 2 hours 59 min
elly (Apr 20, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 45 min
Just a drawing of "Dill" for the inside of a cook book I'm illustrating. Easy enough, they only want "pencil" looking draws for the inside and for the cover too. =)
fleeting_memory (Apr 20, 2007)
oooo what fun detail. Well you got it looking pencil-y, that's for sure. You're illustrating a cookbook? That's so cool. (post all your pics here lol-we want to see them!)
davincipoppalag (edited Apr 20, 2007)
This is a dilly elly...elly did a dilly of a dill! heheh You should see the fried chicken and the pears she did fm!
elly (Apr 20, 2007)
whadda memory you have wavy davy! Tanks =)
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