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drawn in 41 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
lori (Mar 21, 2007)
lori (Mar 21, 2007)
drawn in 41 min
davincipoppalag (Mar 21, 2007)
Ha.. I just love that face!! I don't know why..but he sort of reminds me of Sid Ceasar (sp?)...old fifties comedian
PS (Mar 21, 2007)
There is either a green light shining on him, or he's getting really sick. This is nice work.
elly (Mar 21, 2007)
He reminds me a little of "the guy behind the curtain" in the Wizard of Oz......"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! The great Wizard of Oz has spoken!" 41 minutes? Sheeesh! =)
patienceisoverrated (Mar 21, 2007)
this reminds me of apples, I don't know why. but when i first saw it, i definitly thought apples. I like it :]
Sweetcell (Mar 21, 2007)
I agree with Dave, he does look like Ceaser, and PS got it right, he looks close to losing what he ate. Neateo. And Elly, where have you been? So glad your back.
DrawingDork (Mar 24, 2007)
This looks just like my school ID!!!!!
Cameo (Mar 24, 2007)
If he had a crazy grin he would look a bit like Jack Nicholson in 'The Shinning' Awesome work as is usual for you!
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