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drawn in 42 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
TheFish (Mar 18, 2007)
well i would call it a raindrop, but i'm not done! don't laugh! i'm nowhere NEAR being finished. i need to add more color and blend it better. the strokes probably need to slope in the same direction to make the curve seem more...wet. its kind of like watercolor or maybe oil paint-ish. right now it seems childish but i'm working on it...i need suggestions!
TheFish (Mar 18, 2007)
drawn in 42 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 18, 2007)
This might sound funny, but I really like it rough. (oops!) :) I know it's a raindrop and everything, so if you really want it to look like a real raindrop you'll have to smooth it out and make it transluscent and stuff, and then it'll be a whole totally different picture. I just kinda like it just like this for some reason.
davincipoppalag (Mar 18, 2007)
Cindy...go to your room...
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