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drawn in 1 hour 42 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Kloxboy (Mar 13, 2007) — edit
A brighter and simpler version of my vector Staci portrait. Good practice. :D
Kloxboy (Mar 13, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 42 min
Violette (Mar 13, 2007)
Ooh, something different.
Altard (Mar 13, 2007)
Haha, I love how she's sitting there playing with her tongue ring. I do the same thing with my lip ring when I think no one's looking. XD
brenndurdrykkur (Mar 13, 2007)
nice and smoooth
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 13, 2007)
That's awesome... it looks just like her. Wait... staci has a tongue ring? that's just... naughty :) Where is she, anyway? She can't possibly have the artist funkitis any worse than some of us... tell her it's ok to get in here and be pitiful with the rest of us (although I doubt she's capable of pitifulness) Is pitifulness a word, and if so, did I spell it right? Does it have two l's or one? Does it look better like this... pitifullness? I think it does.
Kloxboy (Mar 13, 2007)
DBA: I have no idea where she is. She's like Halley's Comet these days. I'm sure she's fine, a break from 2Draw is good once in a while, unfortunately, it's become like an addictive drug for myself. :D
Mocha_Bean (Mar 13, 2007)
I'm really liking your new style Kloxboy! I love the different colors especially the green hair <3
Kloxboy (Mar 13, 2007)
Thanks Mocha, I really felt like changing it up. This style isn't new in regards to my off 2Draw art creation, I've done a few like this on DA which date back far as 2003, as seen here: Cloxboy's DA page. I've been creating work in this style since 2000 but the overall quality has changed a bit.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Mar 13, 2007)
Naw, those beebop Comet people wore totally uncool black tennis shoes. Staci would never do that. As far as addiction to 2draw goes... Just repeat after me... "I could quit if I wanted to, I just don't want to." :D 2drawers Anonymous... follow me. Actually, I'm trying to stay here lately, I get bored when the most inspirational artists (like staci... and Dan...and YOU (you keep me hanging lately, though) don't paint often) I get bored (I'm not easily entertained), but I think it's a good thing for me, for all of us. It's kind of like eating your vegetables. 2draw is good, it's like being addicted to raw spinach or carrots.

Mocha_Bean (Mar 13, 2007)
I see what you mean and I visited your DA page..your art is awesome! Just so you know, I'm DeeRose on DA..
davincipoppalag (Mar 13, 2007)
Vector Staci..sounds like a good character name...great stuff as always Klox
enjoydotcom (Mar 14, 2007)
Really cool pic.
And it seems you're the perfect person to ask my dumb-butt question, what is vector art?
* runs away and hides in a closet for asking such a stupid thing, but I really don't know *
Kloxboy (Mar 14, 2007)
Enjoy: Check this out: Vector Graphics
enjoydotcom (Mar 14, 2007)
Yay, thanks!
staci (Mar 18, 2007)
lol, i look like an emo oompa loompa :D fun.
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