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drawn in 44 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
katloo (Jan 4, 2007)
a fairly quick piece. just something that's been floating around in my head for awhile.
i hope that it's appropriate for the board as i haven't drawn here before.
it's suppose to be more modern, less realistic and have a sense of timlessness that life can have sometimes.
katloo (Jan 4, 2007)
drawn in 44 min
Shortiebop (Jan 4, 2007)
try the beginner boards first please you need's good but it's on the wrong board
safescene (Jan 4, 2007)
I really enjoy both the piece and your description.
Sweetcell (Jan 12, 2007)
This deserves to be on the intermediate board. Very illustartive katloo. Like it.
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